Learn How I
Attract Higher-Paying Weddings

Learn How I Attract Higher-Paying Weddings

This secret podcast reveals the 3 most effective ways to attract ready-to-book couples who happily invest more so you can stop wasting time on budget brides & price shoppers, and start earning money now.

Forget discounting to get bookings or spending hours creating a reel. There's a better way! 


without social media
or pricey ads

 without social media or pricey ads

Stand out in the wedding market with 3 powerful ways to attract clients who are interested in you, not just your pricing.

you'll learn:


#1 effective marketing strategy for wedding pros (hint: it’s not what you think)

How to ditch the crowds of competition and become a market of one



Simple messaging tweaks that make your brand irresistible to ideal clients

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Hi, I'm Erica Ewing! 

Your yoda to better bookings

wedding Photographer & industry sales/marketing expert

I’m a former marketing director
turned wedding photog
turned industry sales expert.
'Cuz why stop evolving! 

I love shooting weddings, traveling the globe with my fam and helping talented wedding pros discover the easy button to business through my signature programs - Magnetic Mastery and Super Attractor Sales Academy - which help wedding pros just like you get fully booked at 2x their rates, WITHOUT discounts or honestly even taking clients they don't fully adore.

Because life is too short to charge less than you deserve, work with clients you don’t love or let sales & marketing stress you out.

You’ve got better things to do and more magical clients to serve!

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How are others attracting the dreamiest weddings, instead of price shoppers and unanswered emails to couples who just ghost?

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