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Photography can capture the feeling of the entire day in one picture. One single picture to beautifully express all of your joy + gratitude. But what about the motion, the sounds, the words of your most meaningful day? This is where wedding videography comes in, providing you with a completely different take on your day.


You won’t notice us most of the day, though we’re constantly hustling to bring you the very best. When you watch your video you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll immediately return to those “is this really happening?!” moments. And you’ll be so glad you chose The Ewings to be your videographers.


Full-day videography collections begin at 3650.
Couples who book video+photo get 15% off their film package.


We watched your amazing, beautiful, stunning video. Then watched again. And a third time.

It is everything we hoped for.

. . . it made us laugh and cry simultaneously. It’s just such a privilege to be able to relive that magical day over and over. We couldn’t be happier.
Sophie & Brendan



Let’s celebrate your love.


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