About Erica & Ben

We’re partners in life & work, pretty much always side-by-side and usually laughing. We met at UMass and it was love at third sight. He was studying engineering, I was finishing up my business degree. 

We ditched our 9-to-5’s to pursue our passion…mine is for photography & people, his is for me & family. And together we’ve also discovered a love for travel. Now all I want to do is hop a flight for long weekends in Paris. Sounds magical. Ben says this isn’t actually reasonable. This is why we’re a good pair. He’s right. Sigh…but we’ll go back soon(ish).

We’re have 2 adorable boys (Trev + Coop) and while we’re often in the city, we love coming home to our cuties & our home in the burbs. And our new puppy…and the chickens. Oh, and roosters…how did we end up with 4 roosters?! Its not ok.

Anyways, we balance each other just right, and we bring a whole lot of love & patience to each & every shoot. Its pretty rare to catch either of us – or the people around us – without a smile. Ben says its because I’m pretty funny. Ok, I say that. But I seriously am. Hehe.

We laugh & we love – hearts full – excited to share in your journey.



What they say:

“Erica and Ben were phenomenal. It felt as though we were old friends that knew each other forever. Not only did they made us feel comfortable, but they were such a pleasure to be around.

Genuine people, with an excellent attitude. My wife and I LOVED them!” Nicholas & Shawna

” I was so nervous about selecting the perfect photographer, but thank goodness I found them.

Erica and Ben were hands down one of the best parts of our wedding.

They were so much more than a vendor to us. Erica was super communicative and is just generally amazing to work with. On the day of, Erica and Ben were so fun, organized and professional. They felt like friends at our wedding.” Jamie & AJ

“Getting to know these two and their adorable boys has been one of our favorite parts.

They have both been so sweet and kind from our very first meeting, and it only got better from there.” Jillian & Bryan



Let’s celebrate your love.


626 Main Street Bolton MA
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