About Erica & Ben

Its hard to remember life before us. Our first dance was to “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. And its still true. Even after 11 years.

We met in college (UMASS!) + it was love at third sight. We ditched our 9-to-5’s and are pretty much always together – partners in life + work. I’m the dreamer. He’s the maker. I’m always planning our next trip + he’s usually building something at home. 

We’re blessed with 2 ADORABLE boys (Trev + Coop) and when we’re not shooting, we’re home with our cuties. They’re the coolest kids I know. Trev has a heart of gold + Coop, a devilish wit that will keep you on your toes + laughing for hours. 

We balance each other just right, enjoying this little life we’ve built together. #ourfulfilledlife 

We bring a whole lot of love + patience to every shoot. Its pretty rare to catch either of us without a smile. We’re happy. Because love is good + we’re living in the best of it right now.

Let’s share stories! Read on for a bit more about us – but more importantly – pop over to the CONTACT page to tell us more about you.

Love stories are our favorite + we’re excited to hear yours.

Erica – Girl Boss + Photog

This is the gal you’ll chat with. She loves inspirational quotes, travel + strong coffee. Also red wine. She was born to be a boy mom + snuggles her boys to sleep nearly every night. Her background is in business management + marketing and she mentors photographers + creatives, enabling them to build a life they love. She adores seeing small businesses thrive + dreams become a reality.

She has a knack for helping people feel relaxed + loved. Always with a warm smile, she feels awkward when she doesn’t give a hug to say hello…or goodbye. She works hard + plays hard, and usually goes to sleep thinking about how excited she is for the next day. Because life is a series of adventures, really.

>> Recent travels: Charleston.

>> Favorite self-empowerment book: You Are A Badass.

>> New accomplishment: learning to throw a perfect spiral. She nails it, 30% of the time.

She also just wrote this whole thing in the third person. #weirdo

Ben -“The Guy” Photog, Videog, IT guy, etc.

If you look up the definition of “nice” you’ll see a picture of Ben Ewing. He’s patient, helpful + super handy. He laughs a lot + his laughter is contagious. He’s an engineer at heart + can build just about anything. Sheds, chicken coops…basement reno, anyone? He coaches both sons’ baseball, soccer + basketball teams. He thinks Tupac is still alive + will forever order Miller High Life when on menu.

He left an engineering career to join Erica full-time + spend more time with family. They now teach other entrepreneurs how to make big transitions like this one. It’s hard, but so worth it.

>> Current construction project: New mudroom at home

>> Favorite pastime: Basketball, sometimes 3-4x per week!

>> Motto: “I’m Erica’s passenger in life.”

If he had to write this blurb, it would be riddled with typos and misspellings. And only 3 words long.

Kelsey – Second Shooter + Video Assistant

Erica & Ben dreamt of finding someone who could shoot photo + video, who had a knack for media management + is also super nice. They found her! That someone is Kelsey, who began shooting with B&E in 2017 + officially joined the team in 2018. She is kind + thoughtful, happy to jump in anywhere help is needed. She got into photography when she started a fashion blog in college, seems outdoorsy but actually just likes taking pictures + then going back inside, + loves all things bohemian.

>> Biggest food aversion: sourdough bread. “I mean, if you put it in front of me, I’ll probably still eat it. But I won’t be that happy about it.”

>> Shoe size: 4.5!

>> Travel goals: road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway

If she wrote this blurb, it would likely be pretty self-deprecating + definitely funnier.


“Erica and Ben were phenomenal. It felt as though we were old friends that knew each other forever.

Not only did they made us feel comfortable, but they were such a pleasure to be around.

Genuine people, with an excellent attitude. My wife and I LOVED them!”

Nicholas & Shawna

” I was so nervous about selecting the perfect photographer, but thank goodness I found them.

Erica and Ben were hands down one of the best parts of our wedding.

They were so much more than a vendor to us. Erica was super communicative and is just generally amazing to work with.

On the day of, Erica and Ben were so fun, organized and professional.

They felt like friends at our wedding.”

Jamie & AJ

“Getting to know these two and their adorable boys has been one of our favorite parts.

They have both been so sweet and kind from our very first meeting, and it only got better from there.” Jillian & Bryan



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