September 17, 2014

Amanda & Adrian’s Union Station Wedding Worcester MA

Where do I start with Adrian & Amanda’s beautiful Union Station Wedding in Worcester? Me and these two were insta-friends. The fact that I greeted Adrian with a beer when he came up to the studio helped win me big points…and also meant that he would absolutely not let me leave his wedding before toasting a beer (and cupcake!). For them, I happily obliged.

The weather was perfect, the bride and her maids were absolutely gorgeous, and the day was incredibly fun. Here’s a look into their beautiful wedding day.

Into her gown, with help from her gorgeous mom (how amazing is her red gown?!) and best friend Cheryl. I love that her flower girl helped her get her bracelets on, and the sweet ring bearer (Cheryl’s son) watching Amanda from behind the mirror as she looked like a princess.

Amanda, Adrian and their two “besties” Karl & Cheryl were up for a quick trip down the road from Union Station to my absolute favorite spot in all of Worcester. It has beautiful light, ivy, and a train bridge, I mean come on!

A special thank you to my lovely assistant and sister, Amy, who helped light the next few shots!

LOVE this next one.

Cocktail hour at Union Station is on the patio overlooking the tracks.

The reception started off with a Polish tradition – a blessing and toast to the new bride & groom, where they eat bread so they may never know hunger, salt so they only know the sweet in their marriage, and a shot of vodka, well, because why not?! Ok, I’m pretty sure this isn’t exactly right but hopefully close. And then they tossed the shot glasses right over their shoulders!

A polish song…

The DJ had lots of tricks up his sleeve, starting with a trivia game before dinner was brought out.

Amanda’s dance with her dad was one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. I was of course crying.

And we snuck outside for a few evening portraits…but not before Adrian and Tori tried out my Ice Light…I mean, who doesn’t like a light saber?!

Congratulations Adrian & Amanda! Your wedding was spectacular, just as it should be. You deserve the best!

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  1. Peter Gorman says:

    Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Colleen says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m crying again! Beautiful <3

  3. Amanda says:

    I seriously can’t stop looking at these!!! Love love love

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