October 10, 2014

Bill & Jacquie’s QuonQuont Farm Wedding – Western Mass

If you like farm or estate weddings, then you’re going to love Jacquie & Bill’s at QuonQuont Farm & Orchard wedding. We have the pleasure of being on QuonQuont’s Preferred Vendor list, and they are absolutely on our Preferred Venue List. This venue – with its perfect blend of high-end details and rustic farm charm – is absolutely magical.

Jacquie got ready with her girls in the Farmhouse at Quonquont, which is basically a candy store for photographers. There’s a never-ending supply of props to accentuate the details shots, and tall windows that let lots of light into the living room, where Jacquie got into her gown. I love her bridesmaids peeking in through the doorway while her mom and best friend helped her get dressed.

Meanwhile it was bowties and ’boutes for Bill and the guys at the barn. And a pre-game huddle!

Jacquie stepped away from everyone (as did Bill too!) for a few minutes to read the card Bill wrote to her. It was such a beautiful moment, as she alternated from teary-eyed to laughs.

Bill & Jacquie’s outdoor wedding ceremony overlooked the blueberry field at Quonquont Farm, and the arbor they were married in front of was hand-constructed and worked beautifully with the surrounding.

When getting married at an apple orchard, let’s eat apples!

I was so impressed with Seth Mias Catering! Couples often miss out on the passed apps while they’re taking pictures, but not with Seth Mias Catering looking out for them. A server came all the way out to the field with an incredible array of food for Bill & Jacquie. And the food is just as delicious as it is pretty!

I love everything about this picture of their first dance – Bill’s expression, Jacquie’s gown and the lighting…

Jacquie & Bill slipped away from the party for a few quiet minutes and a couple of evening portraits. The night was beautiful and we spent a little more time than usual, choosing several different spots for pictures, including the school bus shuttle. And it was totally worth it.

Congratulations Jacquie & Bill! Your wedding was magical, filled with so much love, kindness and happiness. Exactly like the two of you.

Hair StylistBrielle Catellier

Makeup ArtistKristhle Hernandez

InvitationsJennifer Ballou

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  1. Betty Mitchell says:

    Those photos were breathtaking. You are my favorite wedding couple ever. There is so much love emitting from both of you. No words need to be spoken. It was such a privilege to be at your wedding! Love, Betty & John

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