April 16, 2021

B+T’s Park Plaza Boston Wedding

This incredible, loving, joy moment called a wedding happened at Park Plaza Boston recently. It was amazing in so many ways (which I’m sharing below, so keep on scrolling, friend!) but the short version is…Becca and Teddy brother are married!

We creating their collection of photographs and a cinematic film of the day, and when we do this, we typically start with groom coverage before heading to the bride. One of the first pictures I snapped caught Teddy’s brother in an epic wink. Easy win…this was going to be a good day.  Followed by a visit from Becca’s sweet dad with some expert bow-tie help.

Bowtie done – time for stories, toasts and video games. #guylife

We headed up to the Garden Suite at Park Plaza Boston for Becca’s wedding preparations with her mom, sister and best friends.

She cut her hair! So brave and totally worth it for the ringlets that framed her face…you’ll see!

When your photog has a posing suggestion that doesn’t work out as planned, the results can still be super cute! hehe…

Grandma’s bracelet. #somethingborrowed

Literally minutes before the ceremony, Becca read a card from Teddy, while dad watched on.

The wedding was officiated by Teddy’s sister Meghan. Wow wow wow – her words were so heartfelt and eloquently delivered. We joked about her becoming a professional officiant, but I honestly think she needs to consider it. The ceremony was such a gift – not only to these two – but seriously to everyone in the room.

These next few pictures are a big reason why this day was so special. The love that surrounds these two, and the joy for the two of them as a newly-married couple! It’s connection that means everything to me, and I will never get tired of seeing moments like these.

A moment I think I will never forget is just how LOUD the city was in support of these two. People were practically hanging out of their cars to cheer for them. I’ve photographed a lot of weddings in the city and NEVER experienced this level of excitement. I pretty much felt like I was photographing celebrities.

Family portraits in the garden, with the sweet moments we’re known for in between! I may have prompted a dad or two to tears…but ultimately it’s all an expression of love, right? 🙂

Wedding portraits in the Boston Public Garden and on to dinner in a private dining room at Strip by Strega – a perfect setup for a small wedding or elopement.

The night was incredible, filled with sweet sentiments for Becca + Teddy…and also, the wedding cake of Becca’s dreams. Congrats you two. Your film trailer will be up next week!


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