February 27, 2024

Craft an email that books more wedding consultations

Craft an email that increases wedding consultations - learn the number one mistake that wedding photographers make when they email a new inquiry, and the easy fix to book more wedding consultations today.

I also uncover the #1 mistake that wedding creatives make in their initial email that scares away clients.

If you’re getting ghosted a lot and you want to book more wedding consultations, this is a ‘must read.’ Don’t miss the easy fix in this article, guaranteed to help you book more consultations.


Question for you – 

There’s this incredibly talented wedding photographer (who’s beyond lovely, btw). She has a stunning portfolio and over 70 5-star reviews. She should be fully booked, right?  

But here’s her reality: over the last few months she’s received 40 inquiries, and of those 40 only 2 booked…that’s a 5% booking rate.


AND she’s getting ghosted a ton.

You might be thinking it’s her wedding prices. It has to be her prices, right?

Nope. She’s actually undercharging. Her prices are a steal.

So what’s going on?

The first mistake is in her initial inquiry email.


Well-thought, this kindhearted wedding photographer provides EVERYTHING her potential new client needs to know about working with her, all in the first email. No question left unanswered, they can book right there and know the whole process all the way to delivery of images after the wedding.

How helpful is that? 

It turns out, it’s actually not really helpful at all.

You see, sales is a process. And if you provide a higher-priced service (i.e., a 4-5 figure wedding photographer), it’s not designed to be done in one step.

One step delivery = client overwhelm.

And overwhelmed clients don’t buy.


Consider that each step of the sales process should focus on just one simple goal: move your potential client to the next step.

  1. Your website should move them to submit the form.
  2. Your emails should move them to schedule a consultation.
  3. Your consultation should move them to book.

Provide just enough so they want to move one step forward.


Revisit your initial inquiry email and see how yours stacks up.

Want more help on this?

Listen to this episode on the Successful Creatives podcast.

And then skip to the shortcut with my free standout email guide and get the exact wording I use in my emails – click here to get your copy now

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