February 21, 2014

Danielle & Pat’s Beechwood Hotel wedding :: Worcester MA

I can hear Ben already…”Rika, I saw Danielle & Pat’s wedding highlight today. It was TOO LONG.” But I can’t help it. There’s too much goodness to share. I am in love with winter weddings, and Danielle, Pat and all of their favorite people, and the Beechwood Hotel wedding venue in Worcester MA. Their wedding was too much fun, and so completely beautiful.

Danielle & Pat have a great story too…they’ve been together since high school (Shrewsbury High, what whaaat), and stayed together through Pat’s active duty with the Marines, and a short move to South Carolina. Now Pat is a police officer for Shrewsbury. So they were appropriately married in town at St Mary’s Parish in Shrewsbury, and celebrated just down the road at the magnificent Beechwood Hotel, the absolute best hotel wedding venue in the Central Mass area. Everything about it is modern, high-end perfection, from the room where Danielle got ready, to the food, to the ambiance throughout the hotel and the beautiful ballroom.

Danielle & the girls had some of the most gorgeous bouquets I’ve ever seen – Jeff French is a genius!

I’ve never seen this before, but Pat’s wedding band was a DuckBand and has their town and wedding date engraved. Danielle surprised him with coordinated duck cufflinks from cufflinks.com. For the record, Pat didn’t wear his boots to the wedding…I wish I could deny being part of the “you should totally wear them after the ceremony” peer pressure. He resisted though 🙂

Just stunning, isn’t she?

I love that she wore her veil down over her face.

And their portraits are why I love love love winter weddings. The light is soft and beautiful in the middle of the afternoon, and she had on the most adorable shrug.

These ladies are so freakin pretty, and FUN. Check out the reception the cake guy from Gerardo’s got…pretty sure this doesn’t happen every day.

The guys aren’t so bad themselves!

Ladies! And the best best man ever – Keith was ready to carry D’s gown, and help me with my lights, and anything else anyone needed throughout the day.


I just can’t say enough how beautiful the ballroom was, and these shots also show the importance of uplighting.

Best garter/bouquet toss ever…

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  1. Molly says:

    Great off camera lighting

  2. Erica says:

    Thanks Molly!

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