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Frankie & Christina’s Central Bistro Wedding in Downtown Crossing

and all the magical moments that made it

I never imagined Christina & Frankie’s Boston wedding at Central Bistro in Downtown Crossing would turn out to be one of my all-time favorite weddings ever. EVER. Yes, I knew we’d have fun working together – she’s one of those people you can chat with about anything, and she was also a bridesmaid in Jessica & Thomas’s wedding which we photographed at the Popponesett Inn on the Cape (see their wedding here – I adore these two and their people!). Oh, and she’s a total stunner. You’ll see. But it was January 1 and the ceremony was planned for 5:30. Which means everything, literally the entire day, was happening after the sun had set. Dark. Which makes shooting a wedding significantly more challenging.

We chatted about their options and they considered the first look…and then happily committed to the traditional route of Frankie seeing her for the very first time as her dad walked her down the aisle at their ceremony. Christina had the best outlook on it, something like “we’re having a winter wedding, and it will be dark out. We think our pictures should reflect that.”

And you know what, even despite my love for natural-light portraits, that makes total sense. They embraced it, and so did we. We charged up our flashes and fancy new video light, upped our ISOs and headed out to spend the day with an incredibly-magnetic and absolutely-adorable-together couple and their favorite people.

Invitation design by Teesha & Derrick (available on Etsy).

Christina’s salon appointment ran long, so I had extra time to spend with Christina’s beautiful mother all while perfecting her details shots…like her bridal bouquet on the checkered bathroom floor (with bounced flash) and her gown (with off-camera flash placed on a stool in the kitchen while her mom worked around it).

Meanwhile, Ben was getting started at their home in East Boston…but not without a quick stop to one of their favorite places, Piers Park, with one of the most incredible views of Boston.

Frankie is a Boston Police Officer, but Christina says she could never picture him “on the job” because he’s a total sweetheart. Christina & Frankie decided to forego a large wedding party and each had just one attendant. Frankie choose his dad to be his Best Man. 🙂

And then there’s THIS handsome fella! WHAT A CUTIE!! And he loved me or my camera. I like to think it was me. But fine, it was probably the camera. And then she made it! 15 minutes before her ceremony was supposed to start, she came running through the door…her sister (and maid of honor) was waiting with cocktail in hand. Good sis right there!

She spent about one minute getting ready, with not much more than a quick glance in the mirror to make sure everything was the way it should be. Then we all ran out the door to the ceremony at her family church in Winthrop, thankfully just minutes from her mom’s house.

I love this picture of Frankie. So classic in black in white, waiting patiently for his future wife.

I feel like my love for this couple and their winter wedding is summed up in the picture to the right, below. Christina & Frankie have such an incredible connection and undeniable love for one another. 

Christina told me that she remembers her mom saying that she hoped Christina would find someone that loved with the same intensity and in the explicit way that she loves her family. “With Frankie, that is what I have found. I feel supported, trust and unconditionally loved. And I hope he feels the same.”

They each had surprises planned for their exit…his was bagpipes and a police escort through town, and hers was a gorgeous vintage Rolls Royce.

A quick stop to the place they met – Yirrell Beach in Winthrop. Made possible by our beloved Torch LEDlight. Then we headed to Piers Park and finally Downtown Crossing, to their incredibly unique wedding venue, Central Bistro

It was so dark and so cold on their wedding night, and the wind was insane. But we honestly had the best time making their nighttime portraits together.

This looks like a streetlamp, but its actually our Torch LEDlight again. A little backlighting…

When you take the back entrance into the building, THIS incredible spot exists. Ummmmm. Thank you?

I can’t say about Central Bistro and their staff. Mike, the event manager, was so incredibly accomodating to Christina & Frankie, and treated Ben and I like guests. I loved the style and uniqueness of the venue. It was honestly a perfect Boston venue for a cozy winter wedding in the city.

She loves the way his eyes crinkle when he laughs…

Their seating chart, which tied in nicely with the first day of the new year.

Everyone enjoyed an incredible dinner while we got to snap some shots of the venue and how they made it “theirs” – personalized pillows and a black and white photo gallery greeted guests at the front door/coat check, and they were able to customize the chalkboard signs along the bar. Also…she has the most incredible ring.

And then the dancing, ohhhhhh the dancing! It started early and never slowed. The guys at Boston City DJs did an awesome job and had fun with this group.

Love these Winthrop Girls! So glad to have connected with my beautiful brides and this group of girls…

Frankie & Christina’s first dance officially kicked off the dancing. Followed by a father-daughter dance that quickly turned into a brides-family dance, and a mother-son dance that quickly turned into a huge family-and-friends hug. The rest of the night was insane – good times with great people. 

We stole Christina & Frankie for a few portraits before we headed out. Which also turned into a bit of dancing. Not surprisingly, there’s so much love and happiness between these two! I left totally inspired about love, which is exactly how it should be.

Much love, F&C!

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