May 24, 2024

Gillie booked $71,000 with this sales strategy for wedding photographers

Gillie Bird, a fine art luxury wedding photographer based in Toronto struggled with wedding bookings until she discovered the solution. Once she implemented the Super Attractor Academy messaging and sales system into her business, created by Erica Ewing of The Ewings Photography Studio, and host of The Successful Creatives podcast and programs for photographers and wedding creatives, she booked 11 weddings in just 7 weeks. The amount of total weddings booked is $71,000, including her first 5-figure wedding.

$71,000 booked in just weeks with this simple sales strategy for wedding photographers.


Gillie Bird booked 11 weddings in just 7 weeks. This was a massive transformation in her business that happened very quickly once she implemented a sales strategy for wedding photographers into her business.

Before this massive increase in wedding bookings, Gillie, a fine art luxury wedding photographer in Toronto, had just 2 weddings on the books for 2024.

Until everything changed.

Listen to the Successful Creatives podcast to hear the simple sales strategy she implemented into her wedding photography business.


Gillie said: “I could see people around me who were booking weddings, and I didn’t know why I wasn’t…

I kept blaming it on the market I’m in…that people don’t want to spend the money. There was a lack of direction in my mind because I wasn’t sure what to do.”

Meanwhile, she’s an incredibly talented fine art photographer with a gorgeous book of work. Everyone who saw Gillie’s website and work online assumed she was fully-booked for several years.

But it’s like a duck swimming in water where everything looks beautiful above the water, while below it’s two little duck feet paddling as hard as you can, swimming in circles. 


She knew it wasn’t her work. And she wasn’t willing to lower her prices.

She was also determined to fix it.

Here’s what she did:


#1: Gillie identified where the problem existed.

In a span of 6 months she got over 100 inquiries…and only 5 booked.

“The majority either didn’t respond to my initial email or came back and said the pricing was too high. It was very demoralizing.”

PROBLEM: She was losing people after they inquired.


#2:  Gillie determined the need that would solve this problem.

I had a consult with a planner and couple, and I knew when I got off that call, there was something missing. I didn’t even really know at the time that I was missing a huge chunk of what a consult should look like. Why didn’t I get that wedding…that was another wake up call for me.”

NEED:  She craved a sales strategy that would show her value and make booking with her an easy YES for ideal clients.

“Having structures in place to help me with the sales process…I think as women in business, [sales] feels a little icky for us sometimes.”


#3: She found an approach that worked for her and took action.

“At that time was going into my consult calls with no structure. I would have some questions ready to go, but no visuals, no slides, no guiding framework. Now on the call they want to book me because they see themselves in the images that are being shared on the call.”

She didn’t have time to figure it out on her own and she craved expert support, so she jumped into the Super Attractor Academy in January.


And in less than 2 months, she said:

“I’ve been implementing a lot of things in the back end…my message has been elevated and I’ve had incredible results:

  • I’ve booked 11 weddings including
  • a high profile Bachelor Nation wedding 
  • my first five figure contract”
  • …and this is just the tip of the iceberg

Total dollar amount of the bookings in under 2 months? 


Hear more of Gillie’s incredible story and the sales strategy that changed everything here on Apple or Spotify

TL DR: If there’s something that’s preventing you from making money in your business, get clear on the real problem and what you need to fix it, and find the solution quick.


If wedding bookings are your problem and you’re interested in the solution that fixed Gillie’s struggles, jump into the upcoming Masterclass: Overlooked to Fully-Booked here. to learn the exact sales strategy that transformed Gillie’s bookings, totally free.

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