September 28, 2016

Jess & Joe’s Romantic Backyard Wedding

There’s a couple who’s souls are so completely entwined, who’s been in love since high school, who had hearts tattooed on their ring fingers at 18 and have had their future wedding day on their hearts for years. Their love is one stories are written about, songs are sung about, and one that inspires everyone around them to hug their honey a little tighter. They exude love and gratitude and joy.

Their names are Jess & Joe. And this is the story of their wedding day.

Joe surprised Jess with a ridiculously thoughtful gift – a hammock, which she joyfully exclaimed “I’ve wanted a hammock for years! So we can snuggle!” and then he topped that gift with hand-written notes intented for nearly every big occasion to come in their shared lives together – anniversaries, first baby, a big fight, retirement. And when they build their dream home a – a log house.

Jess & Joe truly have a village supporting their relationship. Her bridesmaid now sister-in-law Missy styled her hair, and Jess, also a hair stylist, did her own makeup. Her dad and Joe’s dad suited up in their captain uniforms and hit the road in their RV, to pick up the bride and her tribe before the wedding ceremony. Which took place in Joe’s parent’s backyard.

Thought was put into EVERYTHING at this beautiful backyard wedding. There were little details everywhere, all lovingly handmade in the months leading up to the wedding day. Including the flowers, which Jess grew herself (with the exception of the sunflowers), and the birch arbor, which Joe made. These two are not only incredibly loving and kind, but they are also dedicated and hardworking.

They wrote their own vows, and took turns reading through tears and laughter, as they proclaimed their love for one another. These two are Romeo and Juliet, but way better since they were actually able to enjoy their love together.

The unity candle used at their wedding has been burned at many, many family wedding ceremonies, so it was a beautiful tradition. And the wind died down just long enough for the unified flame to burn a bit.

After family portraits in the yard, Joey was happy to peel out in the Camaro he restored, with hearts and beer cans in the wind behind them. And watching them enjoy the ride together, windows down regardless of hair or makeup or anything else, was one of our favorite parts of the day.

They shared their hopes and dreams for their married life together, and they imagined their future log home with such bliss.

Their wedding reception was at the Old Mill in Westminster. Home of the most incredible pecan rolls and comfort food. Good news for these two, their three year engagement worked in their favor as the Old Mill just finished a facelift this summer!

So as you might expect, Jess and Joe’s people are awesome. They are each married into incredible, super fun families. Everyone was so excited to see these two join the party that dancing broke out, leaps, and even “why is the photographer standing like this” poses and what not. 😉

Similar to their backyard wedding ceremony site, the Old Mill was decorated with handcrafted details that complemented their relationship.

Not only is this crew beyond loving, they’re also a really, really, ridiculously good time. LOVE to dance and got right to it as soon as the dancefloor opened.


There’s not enough I can say about these two. My heart was so inspired throughout their day and after. And as I look through their pictures again. Congratulations, Jess & Joe. I’m so glad we captured the magic in video, too. So much more loving coverage to come, darlings.

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  1. Auntie Louise & Uncle Steve says:


  2. Auntie Deb & Uncle Gerry says:

    Joe & Jess, your wedding day was as beautiful as your love for each other is. We were so glad to be a part of the celebration and look forward to many more with you both as your life together unfolds.
    We love you both very much. ??

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