May 16, 2017

Kate + Dan’s Garden Wedding at Independence Harbor

The weather this Spring has been weak to say the least. But there was ONE gorgeous, warm, sunny day at the end of April. Do you remember it? That was the day that Kate & Dan got married at what was an incredibly beautiful garden wedding at Independence Harbor in Assonet. That’s south shore, friends. Just up the road from the Bourne Bridge to the Cape.


If you’ve followed our work, you know I love print. I have such a love-hate with digital anything, and so one of my wedding favorite traditions has to be hand-written cards. Cards to thank your favorite people for everything they’ve done, and a card filled with love (and often laughter) for the one you’re about to marry. Kate snuck away to a private room in her suite to do some writing. And the light was so lovely on her!

Soft pink and sparkle…umm, yes please. Kate loves everything Kate Spade, and made sure to have sequin KS Keds and a sweet gold signature bow bracelet to complete her look.

Independence Harbor has got to have one of the grandest gardens I’ve ever seen. The grounds are meticulously groomed, and sweet Spring blooms of daffodils and tulips were out everywhere. Perfect for their intimate wedding ceremony, with 20 guests in attendance.

A dear family friend would marry Kate & Dan, and a thrilled-about-the-job cousin played the role of Flower Man. Yes, Flower Man. It was everything we hoped it would be.

Kate is quiet and seemingly calm, but as someone who doesn’t like to be the center of attention, I imagine this moment must have been beyond monumental. And the lawn must have seemed so long! She looked absolutely stunning and I loved her sweet, soft pink fascinator.

“Will you two stop touching each other?!” he said to Kate and Dan, as Dan helped fix her hair.

Heels just wouldn’t do for Kate, so she stopped halfway down the aisle to do what all of us ladies want to do so often…she took those puppies off and kept on walking.

Kate & Dan invited more family & friends to join in the festivities at the wedding reception at Independence Harbor after the ceremony and pictures were through. And they promised a unique wedding feast at their tapas-style dinner. There was a build-your-own nacho station, mac & cheese station, sweet potato bar & potato bar. All served in martini glasses because that makes everything much more awesome. There was gourmet salad, tomato soup & mini-grilled cheese, and even hot dogs and sliders. Something for everyone – Ben was a haaaappy camper.

My people…

The night was filled with great conversation, lots of laughs and incredible people. It was really the people that stood out to me. Not because they were literally standing out like creepers in the window, but because they were all incredibly kind and warm and funny. They made Kate & Dan’s day beyond wonderful, and we had so much fun being a part of it all.

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  1. Cindy Higginbottom says:

    Your wedding planning is absolutely stunning. Thank you for the beautiful pics! Congratulations to you both. May you live a long life filled with adventure and happiness!

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