September 7, 2017

Kyle & Lara’s Omni Parker House Wedding

Kyle & Lara had the most elegant black tie wedding at Boston’s historic and iconic Omni Parker House. Their ceremony was at Old South Church’s Gordon Chapel, with wedding pictures at Boston Harbor Hotel, Boston Public Library, Boston Public Garden and Old City Hall. And now that my keywording intro is complete, I can get into the meat of it….

Lara & Kyle’s wedding was quite possibly the most lovely rainy wedding ever. Most couples don’t dream of a rainy wedding. We wish for sun and blue skies. But the rain 100% made their day – one that was bound to be magical – even more so.

Let’s start with the people. Lara & Kyle are in the Navy, which is where they met. She’s a pilot and he’s a flight engineer (I think?). They explained it as he’s basically Maverick to her Goose. Good, kind, giving people surrounded by good, kind, giving family and friends. Kyle’s best man was his dad, and Lara’s MOH was her adorable younger sister.

If you appreciate the phrase: “stop and smell the roses” then you’ll like this girl. She radiated appreciation and joy for the people who helped make her day so special. From wedding vendors to guests. She wanted pictures with everyone and everything. I caught her taking it all in and smelling her bouquet so many times throughout the day.

Effortlessly beautiful. And so excited to see her groom for their first look under the Boston Harbor Hotel’s iconic archway.

Lara and her sister are actually this cute. They were across the way being sweet and adorable, not realizing I was taking pictures.

Alongside the iconic Old South Church in Copley Square is the smaller, more intimate Gordon Chapel, which is where Lara & Kyle chose to be married. Not going to lie, from a photographer’s perspective it is TOUGH. But we love it there. It’s small and sweet and the stained glass and chandeliers are beautiful.

No rain! For just a few minutes, but it was enough to be excited about.

Lara and Kyle couldn’t have cared less about the rain. She embraced it, wedding gown in hand and Manolo Blahnik shoes in puddles. We had access to the city like no other – the Boston Public Garden was EMPTY. It was just them and the rain…

The skies cleared just as their rooftop cocktail hour at Omni Parker House began on the Wheatley Terrace. They bravely stepped out onto the fire escape for a picture before joining their party.

**Note – a second dress is the best “rain plan” – it was one of the reasons Lara was able to enjoy the day so much. She knew she had a beautiful, dry, beaded party dress waiting for her at the hotel!

The ballroom was filled with flowers and twinkly lights, courtesy of PJ’s Flowers. First Class Band was set up and ready to get the party started. All was orchestrated by Omni Parker House’s event manager Alison and her team. A dream to work with.

Two of my favorite details:

First Class Band

Did you know that Boston Cream Pie was originally created by Omni Parker House? And wowie is it amazing. It’s nothing like any Boston Cream Pie you’ve had before.

The night was fun and happy and carefree. Champagne and dessert, dancing and great music. Congrats Lara & Kyle!

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