June 15, 2015

Lis & Will’s Whitney’s Inn Wedding – Jackson NH

Today is all about Lis & Will and their rustic Whitney’s Inn wedding in beautiful Jackson NH. I quickly learned that Lis & Will’s lives are a series of adventures together. And their wedding would be just the same. It was an incredible celebration of their unique bond, and love of all things outdoors. They came home to New England from their latest adventure – 6-months of good Colorado skiing – just in time to start the next one. Their wedding was meaningful and fun, and I heard so many of their guests say throughout the day that it was “so totally Lis & Will.”

It was really important to these two to have a private location for their first look and portraits. Ben and I headed up to Jackson the day before, and first order of business was to find the perfect location. We found this hidden gem on our journey through town, and thanks to the help of our local friend and super-talented videographer Meg of Meg Simone Wedding Films, we had the inside scoop on some gorgeous locations you’ll see in a bit. 

I’m thrilled about this wedding party shot! If I could only get perfectly diffused light, beautiful people and a varied-height rock landing at every wedding, please. Bonus that we knew about a third of the wedding party prior to L&W’s wedding, making our jobs that much easier.

Back at Whitney’s Inn, we headed to the side lawn for their ceremony. Their wedding ceremony was sunny and warm and beautiful. From the very start, Lis & Will rarely took their eyes away from one another.

I loved just after their first kiss. They totally reveled in the moment in the most beautiful, drink-it-all-in way.

And the celebration begins! As Lis & Will welcome their guests, I have to give a shout out to the beautiful little lady, top-left (escorted by Lis’s brother). Suz helped Lis & I connect, and its her I have to thank for being a part of this beautiful wedding. Thanks again, gorgeous! I also snagged a picture of Will’s sister & brother-in-law (bottom left) – after photographing this little nugget as a newborn it was so wonderful to see her after growing so much in just a few months. Bria is getting so big and has such a beautiful smile! Plus her parents are total sweethearts so I always love seeing them.


Since these two are always on an adventure together, it made sense that this was part of their theme. And they totally one-upped the whole cake thing with the most amazing cupcakes from White Mountains Cupcakery. INcredible.

Lis & Will were the first to get introduced into their reception. And they personally thanked everyone and then introduced their parents and wedding party in the most thoughtful way. I absolutely loved this.

After introductions, it was their turn to listen to wonderful words about themselves.

The barn at Whitney’s Inn is split over several levels. Lis & Will enjoyed their dinner somewhat privately, but with views of all their guests.

The Cover Story Band is AWESOME. Great people with incredible talent. I’m pretty sure we’re working with them again later this year, and I am so looking forward to it. So. Much. Dancing!

Lis & Will, thank you for inviting us to join you on this adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Hope your Hawaii adventure is just as good!

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  1. ewing! These are amazing! Love every single one of them!!! so fun to watch you work… Love you!!!

  2. Christine Gillen says:

    Just stunning Lis and Will – great photos as memories or your incredibly special day, just beautiful

  3. Nina Charnley says:

    Erica- these are absolutely beautiful. You captured all of the wonderful moments and details of the day and Elisabeth and Wills happiness. Thank you. I can’t fair for our very own album. Nina

  4. Sarah Duncan says:

    Erica and Ben…I just keep looking at them over and over again! You did such an amazing job capturing the day for William and Elisabeth!!!

  5. Lis and Will says:

    Reading through this highlight is like living the wedding day all over again! Everything about this, and working with you and Ben on our wedding day (and the months leading up to it) are absolutely perfect and fabulous. I’m speechless, honored, and so glad Suzanna introduced us! You guys are truly fantastic. Thank you for being such a special part of our wedding.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Erica & Ben,
    It was so great to work with you on a beautiful wedding. What an amazing night! Thanks for capturing some great shots of that packed dance floor.

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