August 13, 2021

Marissa + Steve’s Barn at Wight Farm Wedding

Marissa & Steve’s Barn at Wight Farm wedding is particularly special for two reasons.

#1: they are both first responders and have worked so hard throughout the pandemic to support health and safety through nursing and Steve’s fire station.

#2: because they are expecting!

Their wedding was originally scheduled for 2020 but delayed because of Covid. Baby decided it wasn’t waiting, so they will have an incredible 2021 filled with the wedding, their marriage, and the start of their family.

Getting ready was a blast with these two. From Steve’s antics, whiskey shots, and traveling putting green, to Marissa’s sister-in-law’s wedding advice, basketball team cheers and her hilarious dad “Issues” – I’m still laughing about ALL of it.

We started the day at the Barn at Wight Farm in Sturbridge with Marissa & Steve’s first look.

Which Marissa & Steve enjoyed privately, sort of…as bridesmaids looked on from the barn & groomsmen looked on from the Alpheus room where their ceremony was held.

Tears, laughs and belly rubs, followed by family pictures and a visit from the Sturbridge Fire Department. This was a sweet moment and a nod to Marissa’s parents, whose dad is a firefighter and had a similar moment on their wedding day.

Clearly, you can tell this is a fun crew and everybody was ready to celebrate. Their wedding ceremony in the Alpheus Room was sweet, officiated by Marissa’s kindergarten teacher and family friend. She did a beautiful job and I loved the sentiment that we’ve really learned we need to know about being a good human in kindergarten – be kind, clean up after yourself and take naps! Check, check and CHECK.

Married! I love this next black and white of her ring and all the expressions in the room -she’s officially married!

Cocktail hour on the lawn, where I found a cute guy to flirt with before everyone headed in for the celebration. Those suspenders!

I underestimated the dancing that would occur at this wedding and the level of energy these two have, particularly considering Marissa is 5-6 months pregnant. Holy smokes, these two and all of their friends know how to party.

Steve had a dance off with nearly everybody at the wedding. Marissa started a conga line and one of her adorable bridesmaids somehow found a plate full of meat. Why wouldn’t you dance with a plate full of meat if you have it?!

This wedding was insanely fun -the music by Brian of Champagne Toast – was on point. When I heard “Shoop” oh it was ON. Toweling down was needed…and I imagine that people slept for days afterwards.

Congrats, Marissa & Steve, I’m so happy the two of you got to celebrate and now you get to start nesting in preparation of baby snuggles…I can help with those pictures, too!


Getting Ready: Comfort Inn and Suits

Wedding venue: The Barn at Wight Farm

DJ: Brian of Champagne Toast

Photography + Videography: The Ewings!

Flowers: Danielson Flowers Inc

Cake Artist: Francescos Italian Bakery

Wedding Gown: Alexandras Boutique

Hair Stylist: Jessica Mansfield

Invitations: Zola

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