August 17, 2022

Maternity + Newborn Portrait Outfits

Want help with your Maternity and/or Newborn Portrait Outfits?

The #1 question we get from new families when they’re planning for their upcoming portrait session at our Central Mass photography studio  “what to wear” – choosing outfits for professional pictures can feel overwhelming! But it definitely doesn’t have to be.

This post is intended to help make selecting an outfit for your upcoming newborn portrait session a breeze. My top 3 tips:

  1. keep it simple – don’t overthink your newborn portrait outfits. Solids, soft patterns, shirts, dresses. They all work!
  2. dress to match your home – families typically choose their favorite(s) to display on the wall so they can enjoy their blessings every day. With this in mind, take the work you’ve put into your home and use the color palette you’ve already created, mama.
  3. If you’re not entirely thrilled with having your picture taken postpartum, know that I’m a mom, I know the feeling, and I am here to take care of you. Choose a newborn portrait outfit that you are comfortable in and I will take care of the rest.

 As I was reviewing my latest favorite maternity and newborn portrait sessions, I noticed that white (or cream) and blue is definitely the most popular combination for newborn portrait outfits…but grey, green, tan, teal, pink, navy and plum also make the list.

Blue and white, or grey and cream…Tan and cream or white and shades of green…

These two did the most dramatic dip on their wedding day…and still got it, baby bump and all!

Most popular color combination for newborn portrait outfits? Blue and white!

Is your home bright and airy, a darker palette, or somewhere in between? Choose your newborn portrait outfits to complement your space!

 Dogs are welcome…I just photographed a session with a very well-behaved cat-baby too!

This dramatic maternity gown is from Amazon – link here. This is a great example of how you can experiment with bold color during your session – this portrait is artwork, absolutely gorgeous displayed as a large framed canvas above their bed.

If our maternity portrait session is outdoors, tie your home color palette into the style of your location.   The same advice goes for siblings who will be joining for family portraits with the new baby – keep it simple, dress to match your home and make sure they’re comfortable…but also, rompers and dresses win every time for little girls. And suspenders and tiny button down shirts or sweaters for little boys.

Check out Janie and Jack, Ivy City Co, JCrew Cuts and H+M Kids…and also TARGET! They have the cutest baby and toddler clothes these days, and it’s perfect in a pinch.

I hope this helps and goes to show that outfit is less important than simply showing up and enjoying the moment. Almost anything works, as long as you feel comfortable…and clothes are wrinkle-free! Lastly, you can always take a snapshot of your outfits and send them to me. I’m happy to give you a second opinion/reassurance!

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