October 25, 2021

Emily + Matt’s Mount Washington Resort Wedding

I’ve learned over the last year or so that life with Emily + Matt is always an adventure…

…from the engagement session on their sailboat in the Long Island Sound to the top of Bretton Woods for their wedding welcome party, to the ultimate adventure – their Mount Washington Resort wedding.

This is how Emily + Matt’s wedding weekend started – for us at least! Ben and I hopped in a gondola to head to the top of Bretton Woods for a view of Mount Washington Resort and the Presidential Mountains like we’ve never seen them. The foliage was incredible and you could see for miles and miles. Dinner, drinks and toasts followed in the Rosebrook Lodge, the Omni Mount Washington Resort’s latest addition to their epic mountain wedding venue options.


  Emily started the morning in the Spa at Mount Washington Resort for hair and makeup. The atmosphere was so relaxed and she finished ahead of schedule, which gave her a few minutes to herself before the day really started to buzz. She read the note from Matt and opened his sweet gift, popped some bubbly and gave gifts to the moms and her grandmother. She looked so happy as she watched them open the gifts she’d carefully selected.


Emily’s wedding gown was from Persnickety Bride Boutique – the lace detailing, especially in the sleeves, was my favorite. 

  Matt’s best man was his little brother, who kept running back and forth between the rooms to deliver various things. This doorway pose won over all the ladies…

and again…

Matt’s about as chill as they come, and is the ying to Emily’s yang. He was ready and happy, scotch in hand.

The weather on their wedding day was very different from the day before, but that’s part of the beauty of Mount Washington Resort – it kind of doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside because there are so many beautiful indoor and covered porch areas. Emily and Matt braved the rain for a quick first look behind the resort – rain and fog actually make colors pop and also give the background a dreamy feel. I love how the weather accented their pictures, just like Ashley + Paul.

They quickly moved under an overhang, but didn’t let the change in location disrupt their moment. They barely noticed the wedding party gathering around them until Emily’s sisters came in for a family hug…with Matt’s brother not far behind! This moment truly felt like the joining of two families.

The next best thing to sunny views is dramatic fog – look how dreamy the background is!

Kisses, yes. But first…champagne! And then there was that time they got beat in a golf cart race by their photographers.

The reception was in the Grand Ballroom and the decor made jaws drop. The Fuschia Peony is our favorite florist for a reason – the centerpieces were like works of art and I always love a long run of greenery down the center of the table.  The cake by OMNI was a perfectly-coordinated work of art, too!

There was so much love in the toasts – from both dads to Matt’s brother and two of Emily’s sisters before Emily shared a dance with her dad and Matt with his mom, to the sounds of East Coast Soul band. Then immediately following Matt’s dance with his mom? Friends and family literally RAN to the dancefloor. Ran. It was awesome.Congratulations, friends. Here’s to your next adventure. And maybe take us with you once in a while, kay? xoxo.


Wedding venue: OMNI Mount Washington Resort

Photographer + Videographer: The Ewings!

Planner / Coordinator: Marjorie Simpson

Officiant: Sonya Lyn

Band: Art Felluca East Coast Soul

Flowers: The Fuchsia Peony

Wedding Gown: Justin Alexander at Persnickety Bride Boutique

Bridesmaid Dresses: Kennedy Blue

Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist: Omni Spa

Lighting/Decor: OMNI Mount Washington Resort

Cake Artist: OMNI Mount Washington Resort

Invitations: Minted


Emily insisted on taking a picture of Ben and I at the top of Bretton Woods – she’s a sweetheart. I so appreciate this shot of us with Mount Washington Resort in the distance!

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