July 7, 2013

My favorite corner of the house

Every morning I look at this little corner of my bedroom and smile. Its starts my day right. It’s my entire life and love summed up neatly on my bureau-top, and its why I’m so passionate about finished portrait art.

I have a confession. Its incredibly difficult to print my pictures. Even as a photographer with all of the resources at my fingertips. Choosing “the one” –  that favorite image I’ll never tire of (how do I choose?!) – and actually making decisions on the size, the material, which image goes best in which room, etc. That’s a lot of mental work right there. I still haven’t designed the album of Cooper’s birth like I’ve been meaning to, and he’s two and a half now. It’s such an important milestone in our lives, and it could very well never make it off the computer.


There’s something so wonderful about this digital age we’re living in. We take countless pictures with such ease, mostly from our phones. Am I right?! We share online and we make them our phone screensaver for a bit. It’s so easy to capture all of these beautiful moments in time.

But something happens.

New pictures take the place of those beloved snapshots. The ones we were so proud of just moments before. And now they’re forgotten, several scrolls back in our phone. Maybe we’ll scroll past them in a few months and smile at the moment. “I really love that one, I should definitely print it.” And then its gone. Forgotten, or lost on a damaged phone that wasn’t backed up, or lost on a hardrive that failed. And you’ll be sad for a bit, but you’ll forget. You’ll forget how he used to smile in his sleep as a newborn. You’ll forget how chubby her little thighs were when she was a baby, and the pride in her eyes when she started walking, or when he learned to ride his bike, and was so proud of himself. How little they were, and how much you loved them at that stage in your life.

This is my plea – keep taking those snapshots. But please, please print your photos. And choose to invest in finished portrait art with an experienced portrait studio from time to time (future blog post on the best times will be coming soon). One that will capture the spirit of your family, and help lead you through choosing your favorites and the best way to enjoy them. People think nothing of pay thousands of dollars for a new sectional that will need to be replaced in ten years, but choose not to invest in good portrait art. You owe it to your future self, and to your family. Its an investment you’ll never regret making, for its one that only grows in value. Exponentially.

There’s nothing like the beauty of a printed portrait of your baby (no matter how old your baby is). Absolutely nothing compares. I remember that each morning when I wake up and look over at my favorite corner. My life & my love, honored in beautiful printed art for a lifetime.

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