October 21, 2015

Natural & Fun Family Portraits are the best kind!

The cutest little family of five came to see me recently for portraits, just after the birth of their third child. Mom warned me that their oldest son was lets say, less than thrilled to have his picture taken. And Charlie, their vivacious 2 year old daughter, was not one to take direction from anyone. And their new little love Henry was hungry. The entire time.

She also told me that they are loving and close and have a ton of fun together. Their furbaby is an important part of the family as well, so it was important to capture him in their family portrait.

We shared lots of laughs, ran around a bunch, rolled in the grass a bit. And here’s some of what we created toghether. This first, truly joyful portrait of their family is one of my absolute favorite family portraits I’ve taken. We captured the magic of their family, which is now hanging as a 30×40 canvas on their living room wall, surrounded by several framed 16×20 prints. A true celebration of a beauty that is all theirs.

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