September 24, 2019

N+L’s Chinese Tea Ceremony & Boston Chinatown Wedding

Nathan & Lieu’s Chinese Tea Ceremony & Wedding Reception in Boston’s historic Chinatown venue, Emperor’s Garden.

I love tradition. I think part of this love is that our family has so few traditions, so I hold on to the ones I have dearly and I cherish the chance to celebrate someone else’s.

When a couple with rich traditions – like Nathan & Lieu – approaches us about documenting their day, I get particularly excited. As a wedding photographer, we have the opportunity to get fully immersed in our couple’s lives and traditions for the day. And this girl dives right in. Ben does by default, too. 🙂

We started the day at Lieu’s house for Chinese door games, where Nathan has to win over Lieu’s bridesmaids and family with gifts and victory over the games. He was up against a fierce crew!

We’ve seen door games before, like at Gerry & Anita’s Cambodian & Chinese wedding last year at Hyatt Regency Cambridge, and it never gets old. I think every groom of everywhere should have to do these!

Nathan made it through to ask for his bride’s hand, and continue on to her family’s tea ceremony, to honor elders & family and join the two families together.

Once the tea ceremony was complete at Lieu’s home, we headed across town to South Boston for Nathan’s family’s tea ceremony, where Lieu’s family was officially welcomed into theirs.

This girl. She planned so much of this event and invited us to be a part of it. xo Tiffany!

My favorite part of the day was connecting with Lieu & Nathan separately, to read cards and tell stories about their relationship, connection and love. We’ll be using these nuggets in the wedding film we’re creating for them, as Boston Wedding Videographers.

The wedding celebration continued to Boston’s Chinatown, at Emperor’s Garden.

I was curious to see what a Chinese wedding venue that could hold 650 people looked like. YEP, 650 guests. They fit without a problem, and somehow the room didn’t feel overwhelming either.

Nathan & Lieu welcomed guests at a floral wall photo booth, where we snapped pictures with all guests who wanted one with the cutie couple. It was sort of like a receiving line/welcome, but with pictures too!

Family is everything, and their family welcomed each other and their guests warmly with welcome toasts & blessings at Emperor’s Garden in Boston’s Chinatown.

And then a 13 course meal! It was EPIC. I’m still full. Very happily full. But make room for the first dance! Which was a bigger showstopper.

The night went late, with dancing and drinks and laughs and joy. Thank you Lieu, Nathan & Tiffany, for including us in your day. We loved it all and have SO many more pictures and video clips to share!!

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