September 24, 2017

Nyssa & Pedro’s Thompson Island Wedding

The best way to bring adventure a wedding is to start the day on a boat. That’s how Nyssa & Pedro’s Thompson Island wedding – a Boston Harbor island oasis unknown to most – began.

Nyssa & Pedro traveled from California (Boston’s her hometown) for the wedding, and they had guests in from all over. They wanted everyone to relax and enjoy everything the island and retreat center had to offer, so had a lengthy itinerary to get everyone involved. A 5K run, relay races, lawn games, kickball, you name it. All the stuff we did as kids. We jumped in when the Salt Lick BBQ buffet opened, brought in from Pedro’s hometown Austin TX. AHHmazing.

This lovely lady runs the events on the island. She didn’t stop the entire day, always running – with a warm smile (except perhaps if and when someone…not naming names, cough cough…messed with her golf cart – to make sure everything was running smoothly and everyone was taken care of.

The ladies got ready for the day in the Sherman House, brilliantly decorated, filled with natural light and friendly faces. And more Salt Lick.

While the ladies were peacefully prepping, this was going on ourside the Sherman House.

Their incredibly beautiful flowers were provided by talented Brooklyn florist and friend Katie of Rumphius Flowers.

Nyssa wore the watch her dad gave to her mom, the perfect complement to her yellow sapphire engagement ring perfectly.

You know your girls love you when they’ll dive in and wipe the lipstick off your teeth for you! Nyssa had 12 bridesmaids, but they all mean the world to her, and after listening to her words about them, and their toasts about her, its easy to see why.

So Pedro was late. But Nyssa was late too. And the two of them were ready for their first look in the wooded wildflowers at exactly the same time. 

The perfect place for a Ketubah signing, in the island’s apple orchard, overlooking the salt marsh.

Another cool thing about Thompson Island? The old root cellar hidden in the middle of the island! 

Nyssa & Pedro’s wedding ceremony overlooked Boston Harbor, with views of the city in the distance. One notable thing about their wedding was how many people they included in their day. Three friends covered the music and Nyssa’s aunt officiated.

Family means so much to them. And so many of their friends are a part of their family. When we were going over final details for the wedding, Nyssa told me “if you’re ever faced with taking pictures of things or people, always choose the people. The people are our favorite details.”

As part of Jewish tradition, Nyssa & Pedro planned to enjoy Yichud, which is 30 minutes of time to reflect on their marriage after the ceremony. Time together on the wedding day is so precious and limited. I loved that they did this. And since they had a first look, all of their formal portraits were finished so they were even able to spend time with their friends & family at cocktail hour!

Nyssa & Pedro worked with Kelly from Kelly Golia Events to create the glam-camp style. It was warm and inviting and absolutely lovely.

Knowing their commitment to friends and family, it made sense that the pavilion at Thompson Island, where their wedding reception would be held, was decorated with long burlap banners of pictures of their favorite people….

The most incredible green runners, small vases holidng simple bunches of flowers, and candles everywhere.

…And the favors? Hand-written notes to each and every one of their guests. Is there anything more thoughtful???

As the sun set, the party started. Dancing and drinks, and lobsters and steamers! BBQ from Texas for lunch, and lobsters from New England for dinner. 

The toasts were loving and lively and hilarious and meaningful. And then came the moustaches…

A quick pick-your-poison break from dancing – shots at the booze bar…or sweets at an ice cream bar. They also had the most incredible pastry specifically designed to recreate a dessert they had on travels to Croatia.

And then Jewish dancing…the Hora! Nyssa exclaimed “that was the best four minutes of my life!”

I had high expectations for this day. And every single thing about this day exceeded those expectations. Especially the love and kindness we experienced just being around these two and their favorite people. Congrats to Nyssa & Pedro. Add us to your list of people who absolutely adore you.

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