March 17, 2014

Outhouse Race Bride

If you’re looking for a little distraction this afternoon, you’re in luck because Jason & Kerry’s marital outhouse race at Lake George’s Winter Carnival is up today! If you remember these two, they were married at the Inn at Erlowest, an absolutely stunning wedding venue on Lake George (here’s the link to see their pictures!)…what better way to brush off that wedding hangover than to shove a 500 lb outhouse across the ice! (Ok, I have no idea how much it weighed, but it looked heavy, and was a monster compared to the “sleek” models on the ice. If you can refer to an outhouse as sleek.)


Final touches for the outhouse and the racers, including the groom!

While Kerry looks on at the competition.

As a Jeep owner, Ben and I were LOVING the jeep on the ice. Meanwhile, the crowds liked up on Lake George, getting ready for the race.

Which had to be moved 3 times due to the ice cracking…that’s an eery noise to hear, as you’re standing hundreds of feet from shore.

And the races begin!

But watch out for these guys….no seriously, WATCH OUT! I love that Kerry is first covering her eyes, and then realizing, ohhh no, we’re sliding sideways and heading right towards that crowd of people! Also note the cone under the outhouse. Can’t keep these guys in a lane, they’ll roll right over the middle!

And this is my favorite part of the race. They gave it their best. But they got so totally smoked. Kerry laughed for days.

The rest of the team began the cone extraction. And Kerry kept laughing.

And laughing! Hehe 🙂

Success, they did it!

You guys rocked it out, what a great way to wrap up your not-like-any-other anti-wedding weekend!

And some fun “non-people” shots on the way out. Never knew this, but Lake George is a hot spring lake!

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