The Ewings Photography Studio is for families looking for outdoor pictures or indoor newborn baby pictures. This family portrait session was in Stow and the studio is in Bolton MA

our mission: 

Catch the magic of your connection

and create timeless art for always

Let’s celebrate this beautiful life of yours.

We turn love into something tangible. Imagine this. It’s been a long day. Hectic. You’re tired and your feet hurt. You get home, walk through the door + look up to see a portrait of your favorite people. The picture is warm, bright, filled with love. A wave of calm, content washes over you. There’s a happy feeling in your belly…and you love knowing that you feel this over and over again…and imagine how your kids feel

Safe, loved, happy, content.

Stacey, mama of two says “its exactly what I need in the chaos of this world.” 

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Why hire an expert

You can hear the laughter. You feel the connection. The photographs are so genuinely, beautifully you.

Erica Ewing is a graduate of the Beloved Institute for Portrait Design +  is the area’s top expert on naturally-photogenic portraiture. She provides just enough guidance to know you’ll look your best… while fully enjoying the time together. No forced smiles or awkward poses, no worrying about the kids. 



We’ll  guide you through the process, from outfit planning to creating your keepsakes. We book a limited number of the-right-fit families + can help you understand if we’re a match.

So what’s next? Book a consultation to see if we’re the right fit. We’re here to help in every way we can.


Family Portrait Inspiration

Memories of the softness of baby’s skin, the sound of your little love’s laughter, or the feeling of their hand in yours. Photographs that make you smile, laugh or even cry. You feel it all over again, not because its perfectly captured, but because its perfectly you. 




how would you describe your style?

Our style is bright, warm & loving, with a mix of photojournalism & “gently-crafted” moments. We work with each family to find the balance that works for them. Sessions are fun & light-hearted. When you’re having fun together, that’s where we’ll find the true beauty of your family!

Our print style is classic, lasting & loving.

what if it rains or someone is sick?

We know how important these portraits are and want you to have the absolute best results! For this reason, we offer a flexible reschedule policy for rainy skies or sicky bugs.

what's the investment?

Family and newborn portrait sessions are 295. 

Sessions include: 

  • pre-session planning
  • 20-page portrait guide
  • online slideshow reveal 
  • access to the studio shop, with all of our favorite keepsakes, hand-selected with your family in mind

Most families invest 800-1500 on portrait art for their home. High resolution digital files + print credits are included with every collection.


Most popular items?

A place on the wall for the favorite portrait(s), cards, calendars or prints for gifts + an album for the rest.



The world is more stressful than ever, particularly for our children. They need happy, loving reminders of just how important they are, more than ever, just as us parents do. Displaying family portraits  in the home has been proven to increase a child’s self esteem + sense of belonging. 

Want another good reason? As a Google VP predicts, if families don’t start printing, ours will be a Digital Dark Age, where our children have no record of their childhood. 

Let’s choose instead to fill our home with love + our children’s mind with joy!

Try before you buy…

Feel confident in your decisions with our intuitive product proofer, which will virtually place your portraits in products before you purchase.

are digital files included?

All products are separate from the session fee, including digital files. Most families invest 800-1500 on portrait art for their home. High resolution digital files + print credit are included with every collection, starting at 595.

Purchased files can be downloaded immediately + your online store will be available for 30 days.

how do we book?

Set up a consultation! In about 15 minutes, Erica will learn about your family, go over our process, pricing + how it would work for your family. 

We recommend contacting us soon, especially if you’re interested in summer + fall months!

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You can already envision sweet pictures of your loves + you’re excited to hire a pro! But…how do you make it all happen? 

Ditch the stress + learn the only 3 decisions you need to make
with this guide!