October 12, 2017

Sara & Leon’s Fall Wedding at The International

This picture sums up how I think every bride should feel on her wedding day. Joy-filled and smitten, and if she has a fab dress, she should play and twirl and laugh and enjoy every second. Meet Sara & Leon, and their beautiful Sunday afternoon wedding at The International.

Leon is just about the sweetest man you’ll meet. He’s kind and soft-spoken and has Sara’s heart.

The first tears of the day came when Sara received a special delivery from Leon. First but not last. 

Printed pictures are so important. Sara’s mother brought Sara’s grandparents’ wedding album from 1942, along with the set of pearls she wore on her day. The book was incredible, filled with distant memories of the people they loved. The strand of pearls was carefully pinned into Sara’s bouquet so she could keep her grandmother’s memory with her.

K! This little cutie had some pre-wedding nerves but Sara was there for her with snuggles.

Sara told me when we met that she felt like a princess in her gown. 100% yes.

Sara & Leon planned a wine theme for their wedding. My kind of people.

At every wedding, we take classic frame-worthy family & wedding party portraits which will serve as beautiful keepsakes for their very favorite people. But its the moments in between the posed pictures that are my favorite. These are the ones I would frame…ok, maybe not the hand-puppets one.

What says love like being fed scallops wrapped in bacon?! I’m going to leave this picture out as a hint to Ben…

The grand ballroom at The International was filled with so much warm sunlight on this Sunday afternoon. And hints of the wine theme could be seen throughout the room.

Sara’s mother is an incredible woman – kind and welcoming, and a killer speech writer. I literally laughed and cried throughout her toast. I hope someone got this on video, I’d love to listen to it again!

These two pictures are what its all about. The look she’s giving Leon, which says a million things. And Sara’s heart-felt hug for her mother, which says a million other things. All come back to love and support and appreciation.

The two best things about this wedding: the people and the food!

We headed to the willow trees at sunset with Sara & Leon. The light was soft and it quiet and romantic. Just the two of them. They danced and laughed and enjoyed the time together.

This was the moment just before the picture of Sara twirling. You can’t get a power twirl with shoes on!

Each table had a couple of bottles of wine, and there were pictures taped under chairs. Whoever found the picture got the wine. Ben found a picture but gave the bottle of wine to a guest. Something about we’re working or something. I suppooooose it was the right thing. 😉

Leon & Sara, congratulations. We hope you enjoyed your day. We definitely enjoyed being there with you.

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