April 9, 2015

Sherry & Mitch’s Langham Boston Wedding

You’d never know it, but Sherry & Mitch’s Langham Boston wedding was technically a rainy day. But as we stepped through the doors of the beautiful boutique Langham Boston Hotel, the rain was forgotten. Between the beauty of the hotel and the warm, inviting group we had the pleasure of photographing, the weather outside didn’t matter in the least. This wedding goes down as one of my favorites. Scroll on to see why…

Beyond her super glam, sparkly jewelry, Sherry & Mitch kept their details to a minimum. When I asked about her favorite details of the day, her reply was one that I wish for every couple on their wedding day – her favorite details would be people’s actions, emotions, expressions and interactions. And her ultimate goal for the day was for it to be joyful and lovely.

Sherry & Mitch were surrounded by the love and generosity of their family on their wedding day. Her father presented her with the floral painting he created for them, and her beautiful aunt helped make sure Sherry was put together perfectly.

Two pairs of wedding day shoes…that’s my kinda girl.

We popped down to hang with the guys for a bit, sporting their argyle socks and tuxes. Everybody was so calm on 3.28.15!

There are certain people in this world who are electric. They have an energy that radiates from them, and spreads happiness and excitement. This beautiful bride – who is finishing up her medical degree – is undoubtedly one of those people. Her smile lasted throughout the entire day, her arms never tired of hugging.

I mean, has there ever been a better entrance to show off your gorgeous wedding gown to your bridesmaids???

The best of friends.

We planned for their first look at BOND, The Langham Boston’s ultra-chic bar. The high ceilings, chandeliers and dramatic lighting gives this place its unique ambiance. But it also makes it a pretty tricky place to take pictures…unless you have the world’s best photog partner & hubby there to get the perfect 4-light setup ready (we love off-camera flash!), which made things flow effortlessly for their first meeting of the day.

The rain serendipitiously switched to fluffy snowfall as we passed by the outside door, giving us the perfect bride & groom in a snowglobe shot…

One of the fun things about The Langham Boston is the Pink Lady, their private London-style taxi. We were able to borrow it for some creative portraits.

The moments with grandparents always get me, like this tender moment as Sherry and her grandfather helped straighten out her grandmother’s jacket.

Sherry & Mitch ‘s ceremony was on the second floor terrace of The Langham, and was filled with so much natural light. Which you know makes me happy.

One of the benefits of a first look is getting to spend more time with your guests, starting with cocktail hour. Especially awesome when your cocktail hour is in a room like this one…

Sherry’s flower arrangements were true works of art, by the very talented Nectar florist, who also has a pretty great video on their website. You can tell she loves what she does, and it shows in the care of her work.

The level of service that The Langham Boston provides is truly top-notch. From the event manager who so graciously reached out to me beforehand, to the waitstaff, to the hotel lobby and valet. It was a pleasure working here.

Just before dinner, Sherry changed into a red traditional Chinese dress for the celebration. This was a surprise to EVERYONE, and I love the reactions.

Mazaltov! I love that they incorporated bits of their Jewish & Chinese heritage into their wedding to make it theirs. An incredible celebration to round up what truly a joyful and loving wedding day. Just as they planned it would be.

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  1. Terri Orr says:

    What great photos! You captured gorgeous Sherry and her handsome groom Mitch so beautifully!

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