November 11, 2014

Tim & Laurie’s Harrington Farm Wedding

Know of a couple that’s ridiculously happy and silly and fun? I’d put them to the fun test against Tim & Laurie any day. These two are the awesomest of the awesome, and their Harrington Farm wedding was a perfect reflection (and celebration!) of their relationship, including its famed kickball start.

Meanwhile, Ben was hanging with Tim and his guys…

Well who doesn’t want to jump on a big ole bed in beautiful dresses!

Tim has so much energy, and always a smile on his face. Orrrrr hands in the air “what do I do with my hands?!” So I love the before and after of his first glimpse as Laurie steps in to the doorway at Our Lady of Angels…and totally stuns him.

Their wedding ceremony was beautiful, and filled with contributions from family through readings and song. But throughout the ceremony, they snuck in laughs and loves…and then danced their way out of the church. 🙂

Tim’s grandparents couldn’t make it to the wedding, so Tim & Laurie made a special trip to them! It was such an incredibly thoughtful moment, and I’m so glad to have captured it for them. They presented Tim’s grandmother with flowers from the ceremony, and I love the expression of shock and happiness. And if I’m being honest, the picture of her hands gripping Tim & Laurie’s still brings tears to my eyes.

We arrived at Harrington Farm just as the rain did, but that didn’t slow these two down.

These two met on the kickball field, and the wedding wouldn’t be complete without a nod to their beginnings – with a “team” photo shoot and a little friendly game of kickball between bride & groom.

As the sun set, we skipped back over to the field and adventured down a dirt road for a few more photos before cocktail hour. I love these of Laurie and her veil – thank you to the bus driver for assisting with a nice accent light to the picture on the right!

Apple pie instead of cake! A genius fall swap.

Tim & Laurie, the two of you radiate love and kindness, and your wedding was a spot-on testiment to your relationship. All the happiness in the world to the two of you. See you soon, friends 🙂

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  1. caulfields says:

    These pictures are fabulous!! Memories of such a wonderful day!

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