January 30, 2015

Todd & Michelle’s Chocksett Inn Wedding

The key to an awesome winter wedding in New England is to incorporate the pluses of the cold – snowflakes, Christmas trees, twinkle lights – with warm coziness, bubbly drinks and LOTS of dancing. As in the case of Michelle & Todd’s wedding at the Chocksett Inn in Sterling.

When I first arrived, the girls – who were instant-friends, seriously, super nice and welcoming – were happy as can be…Especially Michelle when she checked her phone and saw a text from Todd: “I KNEW it would be from him!!!”

Michelle kept her grandparents near, with mini-framed photos on her bouquet.

We took full advantage of the beautiful natural light of the Chocksett foyer before heading to the limo. Michelle cracks me up with her model face, and her sister in law (conveniently named Erica!) adorably said she felt like she was standing next to a princess.

So at the church, Michelle & Todd’s handsome little furbaby Tucker stole the show (we first met at their Clinton Dam engagement session here).

Poor little Tucker did not like his tux! But he didn’t complain once.

Meanwhile in the limo, Michelle’s mom took in the moment as we turned the corner to the church, eyes closed just as a ray of sunshine washed over her face.

I always love seeing Ben’s pictures of the church. He’s got such an eye for architecture! Must be the former-engineer in him. 🙂

As the doors open and Michelle and her dad start their journey down the long hallways, Todd had to collect himself before he can take another look.

Some of my favorite moments at the church are the ones that no one sees. The glances, smiles, and sometimes tissues, exchanged between the bride and groom on one of the biggest days in their lives.

Tucker led the way to their formal portraits at the front of the church, before heading home for the day.

Michelle & Todd chose to make a special trip to see Todd’s grandmother at her nursing home before heading to the Chocksett Inn. It was such an incredibly sweet moment that we were thrilled to be able to capture for them.

It was crazy-cold outside, but these two were total troopers and happily headed outside for a few portraits at the Chocksett.

The ballroom was so warm and inviting, lit with chandeliers, twinkle lights and table lanterns.

Test shots! Silliness courtesy of Mike W at McElroy Films, who is always such a pleasure to work with!

So Michelle warned me ahead of time that her big Italian family LOVED to dance. And she wasn’t kidding! The dancefloor immediately filled with traditional dance, followed quickly by shenanigans led by 617 Weddings DJ Jimmy, who had every single one of the nearly 200 guests up on the dancefloor.

Congratulations Michelle & Todd…and Tucker!!! May the smiles you wore on your wedding day last a lifetime.

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