May 4, 2015

Twice the Cuteness

I’ve been photographing a lot of newborn and one year portrait sessions lately, and these twin boys shook things up at our newborn portrait studio. Mom says they are opposites, and well, they were totally themselves during our session. I like to think its because they were comfy in our studio. When one was sleeping, the other was awake. When one was quiet, the other was loud. Mom said the black and white womb mates picture best depicts these two, in the womb and out! But they were patient with me – and I with them – and we were able to capture truly beautiful portraits this new family of four will enjoy for years to come.

THE BEST PART: Part of the services we offer our clients is help choosing their favorite portraits and the best products to meet their goals. One of the highlights of working with this family, besides these adorable littles, was seeing mom see herself in portraits. “Wow, I actually like them!,” she said with shock. It felt like a pretty great accomplishment to surprise this awesome mama (who has never liked pictures of herself) with the gift of a beautiful portrait with her new loves.

WHAT DID THEY DO WITH THEIR PICTURES? The “big” thing we did was create a canvas cluster (3 canvases) for the boys room. Mom sent me a snapshot of a wall she was considering, and I created this recommendation based on their space. They loved it, and hopefully it is already hanging in place! (Farrell, is it?!)

A depiction of the product recommendation I created for their nursery, virtually hung on the actual wall! Pretty cool, huh? This design service is included with every portrait session.

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