October 2, 2016

Alex & Jeff’s Peabody Essex Museum Wedding

Today is all about Alex & Jeff’s Peabody Essex Museum. One I’ve been waiting mostly patiently for, for over a year. And finally the day was here! Alex and Jeff met with us before they had their date set and venue selected (though it is an important family weekend so it was as good as set). And during the first meeting, we experienced love at first sight, hehe. They’re the sweetest – easy to talk to and so loving…they’ve been together for over 10 years already, TEN years! High school sweethearts turned grown up sweethearts. No wonder their cake topper exclaimed “Finally!”

Alex described the venue they were hoping for, and that night I sent them a list of venues I thought they might like. And so they found the Peabody Essex Museum! The day of their wedding first started in the comfort of her parent’s home…

Alex’s sister helped her into her dress, and we laughed the entire time. Her sister and her are so similar, so I knew I’d adore her too. And when I met her mom that morning, she said something along the lines of “I’m so happy to meet you!” That’s just the kind of friendly, loving family they are. And her bridesmaids were just as wonderful.

There’s someone Alex loves almost as much as Jeff, and that’s her little bean! She got a proper sendoff before the limo ride to the St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Weston…and here, our story switches to Jeff and his crew. Its always comical, how quickly the guys can get ready versus the ladies. They were dressed and prepped for the ceremony in no time, even with a moment to write a heartfelt letter to Alex.

I love the traditions of Greek Orthodox ceremonies, and there’s was absolutely beautiful.

Birdseed send off! But first, Jeff & Alex personally greeted every row of guests before they left the church. It was like a reverse receiving line and was so thoughtful!

We headed to Salem’s waterfront for portraits with just the two of them before we headed to their wedding reception at Peabody Essex Museum. The light was soft and lovely, and we wandered the area together, enjoying the quiet night.

At the Peabody Essex Museum, Alex & Jeff received private access to several of the beautiful exhibits. The Wheatland Family Gallery exhibit is my favorite. This room is incredible, and I love how natural the light looks on them, thanks to Ben’s lighting skills (this one was with a video light).


Peabody Essex Museum offers an incredible entrance for the bride and groom, which also gave Alex & Jeff the best view of everything & everyone there, all for them, before joining the celebration.

After dinner, it was Greek dancing for days! Everyone joined in and swirled around the dancefloor.

Redline, a Murray Hill band, was incredible and stole the show for the rest of the night. Though the cake bar with toppings galore might have distracted people for a bit, the dancing never slowed.

Alex & Jeff, I will happily travel to PA to photograph your babies. You two are the best and I know I’m not the first to say this but, I’M SO HAPPY YOU TWO ARE MARRIED!!!

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