May 24, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Location Scouting

Lately I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude for the life we live. A friend called it “Life by Design.” I started my photography business to pursue my passion. I revel in the way a single picture can express so much love, so much happiness. And how it becomes an invaluable treasure.

But today I’m so completely grateful for the benefits it has brought to our family. That I get to work with my husband, my best friend, every day. I get to see him more than anyone else in the world and for that I’m so thankful. That I’ve been able to chaperone nearly all of Trevor’s field trips. That this is a work day:

That I can bring my little Cooper to work with me, scouting a new location and we can make a fun day out of it. (Oceanview of Nahant, by the way – incredible. Check it out. The GM Matt is awesome…Cooper would agree as he left with pockets full of caramels.) 

Living with intention. I scheduled time for the venue visit, playtime at the beach, first look/portrait plan development, and lunch in Salem. Business and fun together. All with my favorite three year old.

Its these moments that overwhelm me. As he looks at me, waiting for me to kick off my shoes and join him. I couldn’t move fast enough. We hunted for shells and dipped our toes in the freezing water until we couldn’t take it anymore and ran back to the warm sand.

We can’t ever get these moments back.

I’m grateful that I’m skilled at taking pictures of these moments, and that I will print and hang them on my wall and include them in an album. Because I know these moments are so fleeting. Next year he probably won’t hold my hand. A few years down the road he may not even want to come to the beach with mom.

But for today, I have this moment. And for tomorrow, I will have the pictures to remember.
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  1. Deborah Zoe says:

    I LOVE this Erica!! And echo a lot of the beautiful things you shared here 🙂 Also Oceanview is looking beautiful these days!!

  2. Nina Charnley says:

    Erica these are precious! Thanks too for the preview of OceanView. Can’t wait !

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