August 12, 2016

Evan & Lauren’s Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding

If there was ever a wedding that felt like a joy-bubbling-over gift, it was Evan & Lauren’s Zukas Hilltop Barn wedding. This wedding was so incredibly special and happy and loving. Exactly as we thought it would be after knowing Evan & Lauren.

Their happiness is infectious, they’re smiles are the biggest & brightest around (and from me, that says a lot. I was recently told that you could see allll of my teeth when I smile. Haha! Said in the most loving way, of course). The forecast said rain…and wind, and thunder. And Lauren said “a monsoon on our wedding, bring it on.” Because the weather didn’t matter.

So one of the reasons their smiles are so bright is because Lauren is a dental hygenist. So it made sense to everyone when she needed an extra minute to floss her teeth before her first look. I’m still laughing about this. And of course Evan knew.

One of the biggest gifts of this day was that Lauren’s father Craig was there to be such an important part of it all. This post is in honor of the joy shared on this day and in memory of Craig, who passed away shortly after Evan & Lauren’s wedding day. 

The rain held off just long enough to finish all of their portraits and their outdoor ceremony. 

The rain started just after their ceremony, but that didn’t stop us from playing. We headed over to the secret swing at Zukas for some fun. One of us had the most fun there. Can you guess who?!

The tent was full of sunflowers and twinkly lights, and Evan and Lauren danced their first dance like only they would. Started off slow, and transitioning to spelling out L-O-V-E.

THEIR CAKE! Lauren’s aunt made this beautiful naked cake, and if you can believe it, its her first wedding cake ever. But she didn’t stop there…she filled an entire dessert table with yummies that were as delicious as they were pretty. Homemade oreo cookies, chocolate-dipped strawberries and more.

This day was filled with laughter and love like no other. Congratulations, Lauren & Evan. Rest in peace, Craig Stimson. 

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