September 9, 2014

Jen & Billy’s Gibbet Hill Wedding

Jen & Billy’s Gibbet Hill wedding in Groton MA is without a doubt one of the most entertaining wedding we’ve photographed. It also happened to be spectacularly beautiful – a beautiful sun-shiney day at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, a venue with so much rustic chic charm, enhanced by the rustic details like the burlap napkins and table runners, sunflower bouquets and centerpieces, and chalkboard signs.

They started off the day at the Westford Regency for hair and makeup before heading to Gibbet Hill.

As I headed out to Gibbet Hill, I glanced down and saw a HEART in the bricks… Hopeless romantic over here 🙂

The sun broke through the clouds just before their ceremony…

As a mom, I am always so touched when couples choose to include a tribute to their moms, like Jen & Billy did.

Their wedding party was straight awesome. And how much do you love the sunflower+boots combo on the girls?!

Ok, warning – there are a crazy number of adorable-Billy-&-Jen-portraits coming up. They are just too cute, and were so happy for some alone time together before the party got started. Plus the light was amazing, and Gibbet Hill is gorgeous sooooo….

The two of them practiced their first dance in the field…based on this, we thought it was going to be a sweet slow dance. We thought wrong! More on this in a bit.

Have I mentioned yet how Gibbet Hill is an absolutely perfect wedding venue for brides looking for a rustic, yet elegant barn wedding venue in Massachusetts. So much character, charm and class. And the food & staff are top-notch.

And then it was time for Jen & Billy’s first dance in the barn at Gibbet Hill. Sure it started slow, like the preview Ben and I got in the field…but it didn’t stay slow for long! I’ve never seen two people move around a dancefloor as much as these two.

And then the speeches, kicked off by Jen’s two best friends. Who wrote up the best Bridesmaids-esque (the movie) speech. It was hilarious!

During dinner, Ben and I like to break out our Westcott ice light for some fancy ring shots. This is the part of the night where guests think I’m robbing the bride & groom. I swear I give them back! But not before making some beautiful ring pictures…

And then time for Billy’s roast by his dad!

Next came desserts and DANCING. Billy & Jen had a whole dessert spread by the amazing Konditor Meister (where our wedding cake was from too!), and I have to say that their wedding band – Business Time – is one of my new favorites. The dance floor was rockin in .2 seconds. Plus they’re all around nice guys too.

Party tip…spin a shoe to choose the next center-dancer!

Just before we left, we snuck outside with Jen & Billy for a few last portraits.

And then she sent us on our way with a box of goodies to go. Love love love her for this, they were amazing. I’m such a sweet tooth but would have never indulged without her insistence. Thank you again, Jen. You are the sweetest! I hope you enjoyed this preview, there are so many more incredible pictures coming your way very soon!

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  1. Marge DeFerrari says:

    Fantastic job!! I was feeling sad when it was over and now can go back and relive it over and over. Some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen a wedding photographer capture! Thanks for sharing!!

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