April 27, 2015

Joe & Heather’s Watertown Wedding

Heather & Joe’s intimate Watertown wedding is today’s feature. There’s a certain calm about smaller weddings. Maybe its that the stress of hosting is lessened with fewer people, or because the people who are present are their closest and most dear family & friends. The ones they’d choose to be on an island with them, if it came down to that.

Heather and Joe are soft-spoken and kind and were so wonderful to work with. Regardless of the size of their wedding, I think they were both still a bit nervous about being photographed. I pulled out some of my favorite “tricks” and watched their anxiety melt away. For us, its really about being present in the moment. Enjoying the small amount of private time alone on one of the busiest, most important days of their lives. Celebrating their love effortlessly through genuine moments shared.

Wedding CeremonySt Patrick’s Church

Wedding PortraitsCommander’s Mansion

Hair & MakeupFabulous & Flawless


Joe typically stands much much taller than Heather…but not on this day. Check out her shoes! At least 5″ heels and a whole lot of bling. I’m a firm believer in rocking amazing shoes on your wedding day…

Heather & Joe were married at Church of St Patrick in Watertown.

The most confident flower girl EVER…look at that aisle strut! 

Heather is fortunate enough to have not one but three strong men in her life. Her stepdad walked her halfway up the aisle, to meet her dad, who continued her down the path to Joe.

This was my favorite part of their day. Heather was radiant in the afternoon sun, and their love was so incredibly easy to photograph.

Heather & Joe hosted a dinner at Cafe Escadrille in Burlington. It was such a wonderful and intimate celebration. They kept everything simple, and focused on spending time with their “people.” The food was wonderful, the room was filled with sunshine and laughter, and smiles never left their faces. The perfect celebration of their marriage.

I love capturing moments like the ones below, as the two families combine. Heather holding her new mother-in-law’s hand while Joe laughs with Heather’s mom.

Congratulations to Heather & Joe!

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