June 26, 2014

Jon & Courtney’s Boston Public Garden Engagement

You know that moment when you say hello to someone, and immediately say something slightly inappropriate (like apologizing b/c you’re sure you smell after an afternoon at the beach?). And you hold your breath and wait to see what happens next…they laugh and reply with, “we probably do too!” And you know they’re “you’re people.”

So that’s how we started Jon & Courtney’s Boston Public Garden engagement session. Stinkiness and apologies aside (I hope I didn’t really smell guys!), the rest of the afternoon was pretty much laughter and photo magic. We strolled around the public gardens, made a stop at my “secret” spot for an outfit change…or two!, caught the beautiful late afternoon light and explored a few areas outside the gardens.

Courtney totally busted me and found one of the “marks” (see tape above) I leave around the city for perfect engagement session-ing. Juuuust kidding! But it was there so why not use it!?

And how adorable are they –

And because soft beautiful sun flare through the trees complements a bride’s smile beautifully –

Shot during outfit change #2 –

Gorgeous gorgeous Courtney –

And the grande finale, after the self-proclaimed photobomber dad cleared the scene. C&J, your session was so much fun and now I’m a little sad that your Tower Hill wedding is still 15 months away!

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  1. Meredith Bohen says:

    These are beautiful!! You can’t even tell how much Court hates her picture taken 🙂 Great job!!!!


    the little sister (and Maid of Honor!)

  2. Meredith, can you believe I got her to pose for a few solo portraits?! I look forward to meeting you at the wedding little sis!

  3. Courtney says:

    Thank you again, Erica! We LOVE them! And you were right, it’s impossible to pick just one favorite!

  4. Sheri Hatch says:

    Absolutely beautiful….These pics just capture that special glow that young couples in love give off. Congrats Courtney & Jon…miss you Courtney…xo

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