January 26, 2017

Josh & Sheena’s Ipswich Wedding

“This is exactly what we’re looking for. Just one last question…what if there’s a blizzard on our wedding day?” Sheena asked, during our initial love fest, I mean, wedding photography consultation.

“Well, we’ll throw our Jeep in 4WD and celebrate in a blizzard. And we make the most amazing snowy pictures.”

And she replied with something along the lines of “let’s do this.” From that moment on, she crossed her fingers for snow, and Mother Nature happily obliged. Thanks to her help, I’m so happy to present the highlight of Josh & Sheena’s very, very snowy winter wedding at two GORGEOUS Ipswich MA wedding venues – The Hellenic Center and The Mansion at Turner Hill.

Wedding CeremonyMansion at Turner Hill

Wedding ReceptionThe Hellenic Center


Hair StylistStyles by Hannah

So here’s Sheena. See the sparkle in her eye? It’s because she wished for snow so badly and her wish came true! She didn’t even need to use the fake snow she had packed just in case. Love a girl with a creative plan B.

So this is basically what we pulled up to…the most kickass group of snowbunnies, frolicking in the snow regardless of the professional hair and makeup already done.

Meanwhile, Josh and his guys were getting ready down the road.

Is there anything more stately than a well-tied bowtie? They headed out for a slightly treacherous ride to The Hellenic Center for Josh’s first look with Sheena.

The key to success on your wedding day? A good romp in your wedding gown, a sing-along and hydration. Lots of water. Preferably served by your bestie.

Oh, and girls who will serenade you when you start to get jitters because Josh is getting close!

This picture! You just fell in love with Sheena, didn’t ya?

One of the most beautiful, heartfelt parts of the day was Sheena’s dad, seeing her dressed as a bride for the very first time.

Josh arrived and waited in the snow for his lady. The most incredible snow globe first look and portraits followed…thanks to their strength and an insane arsenal of Columbia winter gear (for me, I’m a baby in the cold without my Columbia).

A slow trolley ride to the Mansion at Turner Hill, where their ceremony would be held.

One of my alltime favorite wedding pictures EVER>>>

The moment, the one she didn’t think she could bear. One second alone, before walking down the aisle to meet her husband.

Back to The Hellenic Center for dinner and dancing. The decor was silver and crystal and elegant, with pops of gold and pink. Lots of candlelight and every guest received a personalized beer glass, an appropriate gift from a groom who works for a beer distributor. Since we finished their portraits before the ceremony, Sheena & Josh headed straight in to the party to celebrate with their favorite people, who braved the storm to celebrate with them!

Sheena & Josh’s guests were welcomed by a guestbook from their brewery engagement session. It’s not every day you get a private tour of the brewery followed by playtime with the Budweiser Clydesdales!

EPIC intro. Not even sure where these little cars came from! Or the 40, lol.

So as if the night wasn’t already incredible enough, Sheena’s Maid of Honor sang her toast with the help of her bridesmaid backups. Tough act for Bill, Best Man, to follow.

Ok. This girl. She did it all on her wedding day. Including hoping in the Barbie jeep for a few spins while guests enjoyed dinner AND mixing on the DJ’s mixer. Legit mixing, we could hear it. She is the best.

This day was incredible. Better than we could have hoped for. And by “we” I of course mean Sheena and I. To the very best people, congratulations on your marriage and an epic winter wedding. xoxoxox.

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  1. "Auntie" Donna xo says:

    The photos are so perfect and I have tears in my eyes because of the photo with your Dad ???
    Love love love
    Much happiness To both of you

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