January 17, 2017

Todd & Erica’s Black Tie New Years Eve Wedding

Today is all about Erica & Todd’s New Years Eve wedding. We met these two loves a year ago, and they described the black tie wedding of their dreams, with lots of sparkle and glamour. Erica’s got a fantastic sense of style, and Todd was all go with the flow on the wedding plans. As long as he was marrying her, he was happy. These selected an adorably intimate venue, The Fireplace Room at The International in Bolton, perfect for a cozy, twinkly light and candles wedding.

So much planning and preparation went into this day, but all of it executed perfectly. Her girls were absolute dolls, and the details were incredible, thanks to her and her mom’s impeccable taste.  And there were so many moments that squeezed my heart throughout the day as we watched these two celebrate their marriage with their favorite people.

Beautiful, happy girls, a well-decorated home and gorgeous light. Yes please!

Erica slipped away to open Todd’s letter and gift. But didn’t make it far into the card before she had to call for a tissue. Thankfully, her sister twin (they aren’t really twins but they’re as close as you’ll get!) was ready to help.

Shoe envy! Glittery Betsy Johnsons for the win on New Years Eve. And Erica’s dress was spectacular.

And then the moment with her stepdad. The man who loved her first. I caught this through the doorway, as they took a private minute together before she saw Todd.

She may have made him wait for it (and thanks to his new watch, he knew exactly how long, hehe), but the chilly first look was worth it.

We finished all of their portraits before the ceremony so these two could enjoy every minute of their party after the ceremony.

The Fireplace Room looked incredible, with sparkles and gold illuminated by candles everywhere. This was the foyer to welcome guests, along with glasses of bubbly.

Everybody was ready to party, but these two did the intro best! The night was filled with dancing and laughter with their favorite people. The perfect way to start a new year.

A big huge hug to Erica & Todd, we LOVED ringing in the New Year with you. Cheers to an incredible 2017! <3

Hair StylistAngela DeFalco

Make UpMaria Leva

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  1. Luann Kittelson says:

    Very nice, Erica & Ben … waiting for the remainder!!!

  2. Jaclyn Scarsella says:

    Stunning. Your shots are incredible and captured the day perfectly! I can’t stop looking at them!

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