January 4, 2017

Nick & Marie’s Snowy Black Tie Winter Wedding

The weekend before Christmas, the forecast predicted snow. A lot of snow. Nearly more snow than it seemed we had the entire previous year. And there was a bride who couldn’t be happier.

The weekend before Christmas, the loveliest of couples was married in a magical, snowy, winter wedding at the Colonial Hotel.

Marie and her 7 younger siblings got ready at her parents’ home in Sterling. While the snow fell outside, their home was filled with happy anticipation, guitar music and the smell of maple syrup.

When it was time to get ready, Marie slipped away to get into her gorgeous long-sleeve lace gown with the help of her mother and sister.

Marie is a beauty in every way. Every way. She’s filled with a warmth and kindness that radiates, and an ability to make everyone feel important and loved. She’s pretty much a real life princess…

Once she was ready, Marie met her dad for the sweetest first look at his oldest baby girl, on her way to marry the man of her dreams.

While Marie got ready at home, Nick got ready at The Colonial Hotel in Gardner, where the wedding reception would take place later that evening. We found him walking the halls, coffee in hand. The morning was quiet and laid back, but his brothers and best friends showed up within minutes of his call, ready to support this incredible guy.

Nick and Marie’s wedding ceremony was at St John the Guardian in Clinton, a breathtakingly detailed church.

Marie’s maid of honor and non-sister bridesmaids met her in the foyer of the church, seeing their beautiful friend for the first time on her wedding day. Our second shooter Steph captured these joyous moments!

We have to send a special thank you to Marie’s sweet friend Kayleigh, pictured on the right. She gifted Marie & Nick an engagement session with us, which is how we connected…thank you, Kayleigh! 

Its the seemingly small, in-between moments that capture my heart…

Couples planning a wedding, one of the biggest suggestions I can make is to take a moment with the people you’re including in formal portraits. These are the most important people in your lives, and a brief pause to connect can lead to treasured moments captured. A bonus here is that they were captured with incredibly beautiful light thanks to Ben Ewing’s portrait lighting magic!

At The Colonial Hotel, Nick and Marie were thrilled to head out into the snow for winter wedding portraits. LL Bean boots and a white towel helped to keep her feet & gown mostly clean. But she mostly didn’t care, so totally wrapped up in Nick and the importance of the day.

This is my favorite picture of Nick…

When we first met these two, it was during their engagement session in our woodsy backyard. You can see the love-filled session here. During the session, we were blown away by how beautifully they dance together. So it only made sense as the light slipped away that they dance in the snow on their wedding day.

The Colonial Hotel Ballroom was the prettiest we’ve ever seen it, with golden uplighting and tall crystal chandeliers. Every table setting had a personal gift for each guest. Nick & Marie’s favor was a custom keepsake key, a small treasure with a special message hand-selected for every guest attending.

Marie’s dad started the night by welcoming everyone, and was followed by two heart-felt toasts for the couple that brought smiles and a few tears. 

The night was filled with dancing and laughter and so much love. Congratulations, Nick and Marie. We were honored to be a part of your incredible day!

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  1. Maryann OBrien says:

    The photos are magnificent and they capture Nick and Marie’s love story beautifully!!!
    Great memories of an amazing day!!
    Continued blessing!

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