December 14, 2016

Kristen & Luigi’s Holy Cross Worcester Wedding

I’m starting Kristen & Luigi’s Holy Cross Wedding highlight with a glimpse of the beautiful things to come. Consider these next images your teaser…


We’ve always loved winter weddings, and shoot a good amount of them each year. Kristen & Luigi’s was the first of this winter season, and it was everything we hoped it would be with some glamorous surprises along the way.

Expected (& Delivered): chilly outside but cozy inside, a couple who loves each other & photography so much they’ll brave the cold for the pictures, a fantastic celebration.

Fun Surprises: killer Christian Louboutin heels, a Rolls Royce and more fun than we even expected. Scroll on…

Luigi is Italian (as you may have guessed) and his “getting ready” coverage was literally a big Italian party. With tables of food and copious amounts of champagne. Luigi and Kristen are both huge family people, and they have a fantastic tribe.

Kristen & Luigi live in Queens but planned their wedding around a ceremony at Kristen’s alma mater, The College of Holy Cross in Worcester. Kristen got ready in her parents’ home where she grew up. And Luigi brought Queens with him – their family priest traveled all the way from New York to be married them!

Kristen is such a sweetheart and absolutely stunning, but is NOT a fan of the spotlight. Despite her adoring fans!

Kristen & Luigi were married at the beautiful Saint Joseph Memorial Chapel at Holy Cross, with a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony.

Love when Luigi looked back at his parents, just after Kristen joined him at the alter.

For anyone who attended the wedding and was wondering, I CAPTURED THE KISS! Quite possibly fastest on record. <3

These two stole the show.

Kristen made up for the quick kiss outside the church. I’m pretty sure Luigi didn’t mind…this lovely lady is now his wife!

After formal portraits in St Joseph’s, we created evening portraits with just Luigi and Kristen. This one was designed to look like she was lit by the lamp posts, but it was our video lights that did the trick. Love off camera lighting!

Kristen & Luigi’s wedding reception was at The Chocksett Inn in Sterling. A perfectly cozy venue for a winter wedding, it was decorated beautifully with purple and blue uplighting against Jeff French centerpieces of soft pastel and crystal.

I love that these two snuck out while their guests enjoyed dinner to spend a little alone time and hit up the photo booth.

Kristen & Luigi, you are so incredibly kind and welcoming. Congratulations, and thank you for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day – loved being with you!

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