November 9, 2015

Nik & Heather’s Backyard Wedding & Boston Celebration

I love photographing weddings with kind people and beautiful venues. It’s the people and the uniqueness of their day that make my heart sing. I love both outdoor weddings at farms, backyards, barns, as well as city weddings, at unique venues like The Langham Boston Hotel. The two never collide…until Heather & Nik’s most incredible wedding. And this isn’t even the start of why I love this wedding and this couple.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy one of the most magical weddings we’ve photographed to date.

Heather is a dancer & Nik is a music producer. Kind of a meant-to-be-match right there. They lived & met in San Francisco, and after much, much, much wooing, Nik captured Heather’s heart. Three years later, she is still totally smitten, and quite frankly adorable as she talks about how wonderful he is.

They printed their invitations through (our favorite online card provider) and used a picture they took at Burning Man on the back, an event that has forever bonded them.

Heather’s beautiful 3 piece wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses were all from BLHDN.

While the bridesmaids were inside getting ready, Nik and the groomsmen were outside setting up for the ceremony. Aaaand coming up with some interesting portrait poses with Ben. We caught a sneak-peek from Heather’s grandmother’s room which overlooks the backyard. Hehe.

There were so many thoughtful details at their ceremony. One of my favorites was the music…Nik created a fantastic playlist. I wish I could shoot wedding details to EDM always. Its a total extra level of inspiration. Oh and I shot family portraits to Tupac. That’s a first! You know I loved it.

Since it was a cool October afternoon, they had color-coordinated blankets for their guests, and the most beautiful flowers by the Copper Penny in Concord. And lovely wooden benches provided by Boston Rustic Wedding Rentals.

While guests started to arrive outside, Nik & Heather had their first look inside.

Inspired by Burning Man, they had paper hearts and pencils awaiting their guests, for wishes for the couple. The wishes would be burned during the ceremony, releasing them into the universe.

Their wedding ceremony took place in the backyard overlooking the Concord River. They were married by Rabbi Winer, who asked Ben and I for a card after the ceremony so he could recommend us to his couples. Invisible ninja skills for the win!

The sun came out from behind the clouds just as Heather and her father started down the aisle. And the sun rested on her throughout the entire ceremony.

After the ceremony, they celebrated with their favorite people. Champagne, hugs and apple cider donuts. Oh, and lots of Russian (vodka, I think?) shots and merriment!

What’s better than this, really?! Thank you to Becks for being my hand model!

Everyone headed to The Flour Girls food truck in the front yard for cider, apple cider donuts and coffee, which gave Nik and Heather a little bit of alone time. Their relationship is so genuine and so sweet and so loving. A total pleasure to photograph.

Of course we had to hit up the food truck before heading to their reception at The Langham.

The Langham is one of the most charming boutique hotels in Boston. They put an incredible amount of attention into every detail, even down to the butter balls.

Cocktail hour in the Wyeth Room.

Their reception was in the Cafe le Fleuri (I think I got that right?), with tall cathedral ceilings and views of Post Office Square.

I want to love you, and treat you right,
I want to love you, every day and every night,
We’ll be together, with a roof right over our heads,
We’ll share the shelter, of my single bed…

The night was filled with the most touching speeches, starting with Nik’s dad. And the ahhhhhhmazing Big Party Orchestra played throughout dinner and into the night. Music was incredibly important to Nik & Heather and Big Party Ochestra did not disappoint. Plus, they’re nice to us photographers too. We like it when that happens.

While their friends and family enjoyed dinner, they enjoyed a private dancefloor. One of the best moments of the night was watching these two spin around on the dancefloor together. Just them and Big Party Orchestra.

Dancing! So much dancing!

Heather and Nik, I was so incredibly inspired by your love the entire day and the next day too. Thank you for inviting us into your lives. Much love.

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    Mazel Tov

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    Gorgeous wedding!

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