August 15, 2020

Rachel + Zac’s Wingaersheek Engagement Session

Once upon a time, a beautiful couple named Rachel and Zac arrived at their Wingaersheek Engagement Session in Gloucester, MA with a bottle of champagne and perfectly styled beach session attire.

A Gloucester MA beach engagement session that is light and airy in the ocean.

I’m telling it like a fairy tale because that’s what it felt like! Wingaersheek Beach is across the harbor from Annisquuam where Melissa and Evan got married last year – see their beautiful oceanfront Yacht Club wedding here.

If you’re thinking of a Wingaersheek engagement session, know that it will be busy if its a nice warm day in the summer, even during the week. I honestly wouldn’t even imagine trying a session here on the weekend. For us, it was a hot day in July and even at the late hour (it was around 6pm), the beach was PACKED. We found some beautiful shade and a cute boy to hold a reflector (Cooper Ewing!) to put these two in perfect light and airy light away from the crowds and hot sun.

A man and woman sitting on Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester MA for their golden hour engagement session.

Their chemistry is undeniable and so adorable! They light up when they look at each other. I gave them little prompts along the way and they did the rest…and when the crowd cleared away from the rocks that run along the shore of Wingaersheek Beach, we took advantage and they headed out. There still may or may not have been ohhh five to seven people that I photoshopped out. The magic of digital photography!

A man and woman walking the rocks at Wingaersheek Beach during their engagement session.

Boston's best engagement photographer is The Ewings.

A man and woman sitting on Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester MA for their golden hour engagement session.

And then, it was champagne time! Champagne is always a good decision for an engagement session…and remember, my classy friends, pinkies up!

Champagne on the beach engagement session on the North Shore Boston.

UMM, her ring! Starry eyes over here…

A dramatic engagement session oceanfront in Gloucester MA.

Rachel & Zac, I’m so excited to be working with you. I am 100% creating “a guide to walking together during your engagement session” tutorial using your pictures. This session was magic and I am so excited to do it again at LaBelle Winery next year!

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  1. Aunt Jackie says:

    Oh my God,
    that is the most beautiful & amazing thing I have ever seen. You are like two stars shining in the sky. I love you both so much

  2. AnnMarie Rockwell says:

    Beautiful pictures & Rachel will be a beautiful bride ????

  3. Irene mondello says:

    Beautiful pictures beautiful bride handsome groom but the best part is their is such beauty inside of each of them I love you Rachael and Zach xo

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