May 25, 2017

Sarah & Brian’s Mount Washington Resort Wedding

Today is all about Sarah and Brian, and their Omni Mount Washington Resort wedding. Friends, settle in – this is a long one, filled with people I can’t say enough wonderful things about. But first, let’s start with the venue. Have you ever been?

Nestled in the White Mountains of upstate New Hampshire, this is a must-visit. The resort is historic and gorgeous, with neverending amenities and services for guests – several pools, a horse stable for trail rides, multiple restaurants and a wrap-around porch filled with rocking chairs that goes on for days. Thank you to Caroline and Amy, for making the trip up and completing our photo+video team…we love you guys!

Now let’s chat about Sarah & Brian. She works in occupational therapy and he’s a police officer. Good, caring, giving people. The best kind of people. And everyone around them shares those characteristics.

And they’re all SUPER close. Imagine if your college BFF married your brother. And you married one of your brother’s best friends, after knowing him forever but never seeing him in that “oh he’s cute” kind of way until reconnecting as adults. Your best friends from high school are still your biggest fans, and you’re theirs, and you adore your parents more than you could ever truly express.

Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it? This is Sarah & Brian’s world, I’m not even exaggerating.

Ben and I first connected with this crew by way of Kirsten while she was planning her wedding to Rob, Sarah’s brother, at The State Room in Boston. From there, we were there for Lindsey & Steve and their Whitney’s Inn wedding in Jackson NH last fall, and now Sarah & Brian.

For as calm as Sarah was, Brian was equally nervous. But he had the help of his brother & best man, his dad and his buds. Who are basically professional groomsmen at this point! <3

Brian’s a total sweetheart, and Sarah is a radiant human being. Whether she’s wearing sweat pants or a wedding gown. Though she looked AMAZING in her gown, making final preparations before heading down the grand staircase to see her dad, brother and grandfather.

After showing off to her favorite men, the Smiths shared a bottle of Cristal before she headed out for her first look with Brian. Small detail missing? Champagne glasses. But really, who needs those anyway?!

Their first look, at the most majestic place on the Mount Washington Resort property.

Sarah wore her mom Jane’s veil.

Their wedding ceremony took place on the Jewell Terrace at Omni Mount Washington Resort, with the most incredible views of the mountain range behind the resort. Gorgeous flowers by Ivy & Aster out of Meredith NH.

Sarah’s grandfather is so important to her, and she asked him to play one of the most important roles of the day – to escort her down the long porch to meet her father at the base of the Jewell Terrace. Nicole, Brian’s cousin and dear friend, also played an incredibly important role as the one to marry them, as their officiant for the day.

The ceremony was sweet and meaningful…and then there was…THE TOOT. The toot captured on not one but THREE of Ben’s audio files. The toot that will undoubtedly be in the wedding video. Along with the ring bearer’s belly laugh at his triumph over the crowd.

We photographed each of these lovely ladies’ weddings, too! Kirsten + Rob’s State Room wedding here and Lindsey + Steve at Whitney’s Inn wedding here. LOVE this crew.

Cocktail hour on the South Veranda.

Gorgeous Besties!

As night came, everyone headed in to Mount Washington Resort’s Grand Ballroom for Sarah & Brian’s wedding reception. The room was spectacular thanks to Marjorie and her team.

One of my favorite things about S&B’s wedding was that they took time throughout the day to enjoy the moments and their people. I watched them several times, together stepping back to take it all in. They embraced the people they love most, sharing the moments and emotion with them.

As the night quieted at the Resort, we snuck out for some dancing in the lobby, where grooms deserve their twirl too. Right Brian!?

The evening was clear and still, and pretty darn magical.

Father Daughter song selected? She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals. They owned it.

Brian’s mom is one of my people – mother of 2 sons. We just get each other. 🙂

And then the moment. The moment when Sarah surprised her mom with a special dance. And ohhhh my goodness, waterworks. The entire room bawling, present company included, as we watched Jane overwhelmed by each of her children and finally her husband. THIS family. It was one of the most powerful wedding moments I’ve ever seen with one of the most emotionally-driven soundtracks ever selected – You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban. I mean, come on. I’m literally crying again just thinking about it.

The dancefloor was pretty much packed from intros to the end of the night, and after we all recovered from the parent dances, it was packed again! Peter at Nu Image rocks…and so does mixmaster Sarah, scratching records as a guest DJ.

I can’t fully express my gratitude for this group. Every one of them. We arrived Friday night to excited faces and open arms, and were invited to share in the most beautiful moments and best celebration. What an incredible day for two incredible people. Sarah & Brian, congratulations. Yours is a beautiful love story, and we’ve been so happy to capture it and celebrate with you.

VideographerThe Ewings!

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  1. Gayle Ham says:

    These are the most amazing photos ever. You did such a wonderful job capturing the spirit, joy and love. We can’t thank you enough for such wonderful photographs and comments.

  2. Jane Smith says:

    OH Erica! You are so talented. Each and every picture brings us back to Sarah and Brian"s wedding day and makes us smile. You captured beautiful photos, we can not wait to see the rest. The Smith’s and all the rest of our extended family love you and Ben! Thank you, Jane and Rob

  3. These photos are so lovely! And you captured the emotion and feeling of the day perfectly…this is a very special family! We loved working with them as well for the same reasons! All of our best~ Sara and the team and IV&A~

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