September 27, 2016

Shannon & Len’s Tower Hill Wedding

Today’s highlight features two incredible people who got married at one of our favorite wedding venues, Tower Hill Botanic Garden. Well, I shouldn’t even limit it to one of our favorite wedding venues…we’re also members. It’s one of our all-around favorite places. A total retreat from the hustle and bustle of today’s normal day, and the event coordinator Brittni is the best.

But first, we’ll start with Shannon, who got ready for the wedding at their home in Worcester. They had two sets of invitations – English and Chinese – and two gorgeous gowns to celebrate both cultures.

Shannon & Len planned their first look on the Great Lawn at Tower Hill. Love his reaction!

Stunning, smart, hardworking. Shannon is a statician by day and made the most beautiful bride! We’re planning a post-wedding shoot at Park St Church in Boston next month, so that Len & Shannon can get pictures in the church they love and Boston Public Gardens. So she gets to do this again!

Shannon & Len’s wedding ceremony was in Tower Hill’s Secret Garden. The sun was warm, and as guests settled in, they were surrounded by summer flowers, family & friends.

Little cuties, they remind me of the 3 little fairies from Sleeping Beauty.

What an entrance, Shannon with her dad.

My favorite part of the ceremony, officiated by their beloved Minister Stuart DeLorme, was watching Shannon & Len get lost in each other during the music, sung by their talented friend Melissa.

Shannon got huge bubble wands for all the kids, so we put the flower girls to work to create this magical moment…

The night couldn’t have been more beautiful – from the weather outside to the classic beauty of their reception in the Orangerie. Gold and crystal and soft pink accents to compliment the gorgeous room.

Their incredible choreographed first dance!

Len’s brother gave a beautiful toast, celebrating his kind, loving brother who overcame cancer and a lung transplant, and who exudes gratitude and love for everyone around him.

Hmm. Wonder which I’d choose…

After putting in some time on the dancefloor, Len & Shannon snuck away for a private tea ceremony with their parents, a Chinese wedding tradition to bless their marriage.

And then to close the night out, Len made a speech thanking their family and friends for their love and support. Because this is the kind of couple they are.

Congratulations Shannon & Len! See you in just a few weeks for your post-wedding session!

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  1. Catherine Roberts says:

    Congratulations to the lovely couple. Everyone looks so happy and beautiful! Best wishes to you both.

  2. Concetta Cerio (flower girl) says:

    I hope they live a long happy life.Len and Shannon go together like toast and butter!

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