October 8, 2021

Wedding Day Adventures in Boston

But what if we ditch our “traditional” wedding plans and just plan a day of adventure in Boston, visit our favorite places and drink our favorite ciders with our favorite people? If you’ve been wondering the same thing, here’s what that would look like. Buckle up, friends. It’s time for cheeks-hurting, bellies-full, dancing-shoes-on kinda fun. It’s Liz + Chris’s wedding day!

You know those people you just connect with? That’s me with these people. Meet Liz + Chris. She’s a dancer and he’s an umpire. Or was? Actually an ump, that’s not code for unemployed. Their original plan was a big wedding at the beautiful Peirce Farm in Topsfield. I was excited about those plans, because we photographed Jimmy + Kristin’s EPIC wedding there a few years ago.

A phone call came this Spring, and it was Liz + Chris. They said something along the lines of “hey, the back and forth of pandemic wedding planning is feeling like too much right now. What if we scrap our big wedding plans and book a duck boat and eat pizza and drive around the city taking pictures at our favorite places? Would you be up for that?!” YES. That’s an easy yes.


“Oh by the way…there’s this roofdeck at our new condo with city views. Cool if we go there?”

I think every woman deserves a session with a big flowy dress, wedding day or not. Let’s face it, not all of us will look this good though – Liz is a trained dancer, which you may have figured out already…or would soon as continue your scroll!

These two have the world’s best perspective – the more they shared stories, and reading their wedding website, they know what really matters and they make a point to focus on that. For example, they landed at this gorgeous dreamy home because their Beacon Hill apartment flooded. After a slight freakout, they watched most of their belongings ruin with water, and then said they collapsed on the couch laughing. Because what else are you going to do?? And then they found this gem of an apartment.

And these cuties? Their best of the best…one slightly taller than the other. Just slightly.

We visited their very first apartment on Newbury St, and they couldn’t get over how nice everyone was!

Then Comm Ave because traffic was at a standstill on our way to the Boston Public Garden so why not get out and just start walking/picture-taking?

Chris is the plan guy – he had a master timeline for the day, and I love this picture of him strategizing before they froggered across the street.   That time I recruited two ladies visiting from FL to help with our “veil in the wind” shot…except the veil wasn’t pinned in! As we walked away, we talked about how we didn’t get “the shot” but the memories of the experience were way better. Perspective + gratitude. These are my people.

Family is really important to these two – everyone was ready for pictures before heading to Harpoon for the Duck Boat pick up.

Note the timeline above, and then he thought he could bustle Liz’s dress even after 3 other ladies couldn’t. It was the old, “step aside ladies, I’ve got this!” superhero moment…almost had it, Chris. Almost had it.

Liz + Chris made all their own rules, and pulled in aspects of a regular wedding that they wanted to experience…so this was their “intro”and then the march to the brewery for the duck boat ride. They rented the whole thing and invited a very tight list to enjoy.

What does one do when they see a cool old warehouse and are actively photographing a dancer? THIS!

So you may be wondering, how did they get around the city to all of those locations!? It was courtesy of Frank, the world’s coolest UberX driver. First time I’ve seen a bride hug their Uber driver.

The Duck Boat ride was a blast – and the driver is basically famous as he showed us. While we learned a lot about Boston by land and by sea, we also learned a lot about Liz! Hahaha, where she worked, where she lived, that she and Chris love the Esplanade!

And then Chris’s best man got to sign the ceiling as active military. Thank you for your service and all around awesomeness, Jackson!

Liz + Chris rented a private room at Harpoon Brewery with more family + friends. See below for what it looks like to host your wedding at a brewery, with the only things on the agenda being eating pizza + drinking beer!  It was here that I met my new fall love. Move over Ben, it’s called City Roots Pumpkin Cider. And also, I don’t eat gluten, but I couldn’t resist the pretzel bread. It comes with dipping sauce! So worth it (I’m not celiac, just intolerant, in case you’re now concerned about my health or just wondering, or I’m oversharing if neither of these!). They also had sweets by Snack Island Co, and made an impromptu decision to cut a handcrafted twix bar in lieu of a wedding cake.

Today’s wedding details shots:

Loved Chris’s mom – she posed like this! You love her too, now, don’tcha?

So the wedding day festivities don’t end at Harpoon Brewery. Nope. We continued on to D’s Keys, a dueling piano bar in Boston’s Seaport. It was a nice romantic walk for Chris + Liz…and me after a long day. (There it is!)

Chris danced on stage with his mom…and then to his surprise, Liz jumped on stage for their first dance as husband and wife! He had no idea – it was such a sweet moment.

I could go on and on about this day and these two for far too long. The day was perfectly them, and we’re basically besties now. I’ll leave you with one last little story. They sent their guests each a $5 Dunkin gift card with a note to let them know that it was going to be a long day. They had all of these fun things planned for their favorite people and they got concerned, so they essentially pre-ordered a coffee for everyone (on top of all the other treats) to help them through the long day. I literally love them. I just do, and I bet you do too! Leave me a note in the comments…


Liz + Chris’s Perfect Wedding Team

Getting Ready: Hampton Inn Seaport

Vow Exchange:Hampton Inn Seaport

Family Photos: Public Garden Boston

Cocktail Hour: Duck Boat

Coordinator: Lily Scearbo

Reception: Harpoon Brewery

Photographer: The Ewings!

Band: D’s Keys Dueling Piano Bar

Cake Artist: Fingers crossed for Snack Island

Wedding Gown: Essence of Australia from Vows

Hair Stylist: Macayla Dickey

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