October 7, 2021

B+D’s Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding

Today’s love story takes place at Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer (Central Massachusetts).

Fun fact, Ben and I were married at Zukas! We’ve photographed lots of weddings there and they’ve always been incredible. However, today isn’t about us, or our past epic Zukas weddings. It’s a tale of two sweethearts (Brittany and Doug) and a WHOLE squad of loving supporters.

These two are surrounded by so much love and support – Brittany has a whole lot of love and support around her – she’s one of SIX sisters (6, right Britt?) and she’s got a dad and three moms. It was a busy house that morning and everyone had a role. A sister was the hairstylists, a sister was an officiated clergy (badge of proof to come) and three moms proved VERY useful when it came time to get Brittany dressed.

Zukas was quietly waiting, with the fog giving everything a soft dreamy look. Doug and the guys headed there early to get a jump-start on portraits with Ben. And obvi Doug’s beloved car had to join in!

Brittany wanted a moment with her dad before her first look with Doug. Here’s where the tears started…and they won’t be ending for the foreseeable future. The connection I experienced on this day was genuine, open and generous…overwhelming, in the very best way where the feelings were so strong and outward that you could feel it, even as an outsider. You’re going to see this as our theme for the rest of the day. The love, the support, the generosity of heart.

Doug’s turn!

A little behind the scenes of what the picture looked like, and how it was shot! That’s me (Erica, if you’re a new reader!) in the black…

Being present was important to these two, so they planned an unplugged ceremony. It makes such a difference in the experience and presence of your guests…and also in the “final product” of the pictures you receive.

Everyone was my favorite on this day. In this moment, I’m struggling to choose between the bad*ss flower girl who calls Brittany Auntie Sunshine, to Brit’s dad who made all the groomsmen empty their pockets for pictures. Look at all that stuff!

The wedding party consists of siblings and family and friends-turned-family. This was a special group, and everyone came for a good time. Syd even wore real shoes! 

When your sister is ordained as a clergy for the ceremony…and the level of commitment by Saphira the flower girl, even when she is LITERALLY blindfolded.


Remember that whole love and support thing? Ok, so clearly the ceremony was filled with emotion, as Brittany’s mom and dad cried their way down the aisle with her…fast forward to their intro and their squad was READY – from her besties who provided the music for their first dance to these guys!

By this point, I’ve already cried at this wedding 2-3 times…but it was nothing until the dedicated dances. Brittany danced with her dad, and her sobbing sister rushed in to join. Doug danced with his mom, and they were so sweet and fun. And then the mom dance. Remember Brittany has 3 moms? They’re all so special to her, so she planned a dance with her moms – one song, they each joined at their own moment. They were all so sweet and uniquely different, but equally caring and loving and I was BAWLING. Ugly crying behind my camera, and I’m getting emotional thinking about it even as I remember it. Not emotional enough? Add her sweet auntie to the end as icing on the cake! So. Many. Tears. Oh no wait…Doug had a dance with his grandmother! Please hold while I grab my tissues. This was like the grand finale of emotion + tribute. And then…the dancefloor.

To all the people who made this day so special. To Brittany + Doug. Thank you for including me. And shout out to the official clergy member of the wedding, Jacqueline. Bottom line, she killed it!

Brittany + Doug’s Amazing Wedding Vendor Team

Wedding venue: Zukas Hilltop Barn

Photographer + Videographer: The Ewings!

Officiant: Brittany’s sister, Jacqueline

DJ: Brian of Champagne Toast

Flowers: Sally of Hebert E. Berg

Wedding Gown: Alexandra Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdy Grey

Makeup Artist: Lauren Langevin Esthetics Salon

Hair Stylist: Brittany’s sister, Samantha

Wedding Signs: Woodland Custom Design

Invitations: VistaPrint

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  1. Brittany Haskins says:

    Bride here! Erica and Ben, I cannot thank you enough for capturing all of the love and support we had on our day. Looking at these brought back so many small details of the day and had us both in tears. The amount of gratitude we have you two will never end, we adore you guys and can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. (Ps. I think Bell stole the show in that one single photo Doug and I are obsessed)

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