January 7, 2016

A Tribute to Sweet Little M

This year started off with not one but two incredible weddings. We celebrated the end of 2015 and start to 2016 with one of our sweetest couples to date. We woke up after an 11 hour day, not exhausted like we expected, but completely jazzed to get ready for our New Years Day wedding. It felt a little insane to book it at the time, but it just felt right. And it totally was!

We are so blessed to be a part of the most joyful events in people’s lives, and while life is beautiful, it is not always fair. On our way to our New Years Day wedding, we received some devastating news. One of our portrait families – whom I’ve built a bond with over the last several years and was blessed to photograph both of their baby boys as newborns – lost their youngest son the day after Christmas.

As a relationship-guided photographer, I open my heart to my clients. They in turn open up their lives and their hearts to me, and its this bond that helps us make the most beautiful pictures. So many of them leave their imprint on my heart. This particular family included. And as a mom of two boys, my heart aches for M’s mom and dad. Aches.

We celebrated the start to little M’s life with pictures, and today I wanted to pay tribute to his beautiful life. His sweet family has left a mark on my heart, and I will never forget their loving, happy little boy who was taken far too soon. At his service, the Pastor spoke a message that I wanted to share, so important not just in time of pain, but in time of happiness too.
Life is a gift. A beautiful, fleeting, bittersweet gift. Filled with laughter and pain, struggles and ease, happiness and sorrow. And this life is truly the one thing we have to share with one another.
Rest easy, little M. Sending much love, thoughts & prayers to your family.

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  1. KLC says:

    <3 love to all.

  2. Betsy says:

    Such a nice tribute Erica. Thankfully they have their beautiful photos of their baby boy.

  3. mike morin says:

    thanks for doing that for us. it means a lot.

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