October 13, 2015

Alex & Jeff’s Cape Cod Canal Engagement Session

Where do I start with Alex & Jeff? They came out to our studio after Alex had worked a night shift (she’s a nurse) on zero sleep, even before they had their venue or their date booked… and it was instant connection. We knew we’d be happiest working together, and so we started first by helping them find an incredible venue (Peabody Essex Museum!), and spoke about planning their engagement session at the Cape Cod Canal where Jeff asked Alex to marry him. A “slightly” elaborate plan that may not have gone exactly how he originally envisioned it (when does it ever, really!?) but with these two, I’d imagine it was perfect and magical just the same.

Their chemistry is beautiful, and it wasn’t difficult to pull out of them. They have an interesting situation at the moment, in that Jeff is away for 6 weeks at a time for work in Alaska. ALASKA. So time apart followed by an emotional reunion is a regular thing for them. He arrived home not long before our session, so their time together was particularly precious. Here are some of my favorites of this beautiful, kind, loving couple.

This night was one of the most incredible, brilliant skies I’ve ever seen. The sky was so purple that the ocean looked purple too…this photo doesn’t have any color edits at all.

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