October 15, 2015

Stephanie & Rob’s Publick House Wedding

I love when couples incorporate unique aspects into their wedding that make it personal to them and their story. Like Rob & Stephanie, and their Publick House tent wedding. Stephanie’s super laid back but girl’s got a love for a touch of sparkle. Pretty much like me (my etsy name is justalilsparkel), which is probably why we get along so well. Their colors were blue and sangria with touches of gold, and were expressed in her blue Kate Spade heels, the beautiful flowers by Design Concepts by Juliane, a handstitched quilt Stephanie made, sequins and well, the venue itself.

Their first look was truly one of a kind, complete with Stephanie’s dad’s other two babies…his vintage cars (including one of Ben’s dream cars…the Shelby!). Stephanie made sure to show off the pockets she had stitched into her gown right away. She had so much stuff tucked away in them, including his and her custom #itslikeseltzerwithanM sunglasses…and no one would ever know! Genius.

Rob is probably one of the most thoughtful, driven, dedicated people you’ll ever meet. Served in the military, put himself through law school, and treats his lady like a queen.

While their guests enjoyed a fantastic spread at cocktail hour on the patio, we headed to the back meadow for portraits in the beautiful, soft evening light.

One of Stephanie’s favorite hobbies is searching through Rob’s pockets because he sometimes surprises her with treats. So he hinted that maybe she should check his pockets, and she found some Kate Spade Mrs earrings!

The perfect wedding day, IMO, has a mix of silly and serious. Rob clearly agreed.

The tent at the Publick House looked spectacular, with the hanging paper lanterns and draped ceiling.

One of the reasons that Ben and I work so well together is that, for as similar as we are, we’re also TOTALLY different and envision things differently. This is a silly little example. Rob & Stephanie had these cool card sets out at cocktail hour with “how well do you know us” questions and answers. Here’s how Ben and I “posed” them for pictures. Can you guess who’s is who’s?

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  1. Joan Buczek says:

    I just got the pictures of your wedding. Your mom sent them to me. I cried like a baby because it doesn’t seem like that long ago I was looking at you through a glass window the day you were born. What a beautiful bride and groom. I’m so sorry I was not able to attend but my house sold and I had a week before the closing. I didn’t know for sure if they were going to buy it or not right up until the end. You both look so happy. All my love

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