August 4, 2021

M+J’s Gibbet Hill Barn Wedding

Maddy + Jimmy’s Gibbet Hill Barn wedding in Groton will forever be one of the most joyful, loving, laughing weddings I’ve ever photographed. 

Maddy is electric, she’s one of those people who just makes everyone around her feel fantastic and Jimmy’s just the same.

A girlfriend of one of his close friends told me during the reception how he’s been friends with the same group of guys and there’s 30 of them who are still so tight.

These two planned the most incredible farm wedding on a Wednesday and invited 50 of their closest family and friends. They chose to have no wedding party because Maddy said that every single person they invited to spend the day with them could have been a member of it.

They loved each and every single person who is there. I think that speaks volumes about who these two people are.

But I’m not surprised that these two are absolute loves. Their parents are sweethearts and welcomed me with open arms.

Look at how sweet she is with her grandparents, and have you ever seen laughs like this? Come on, I’m laughing as I edit this blog post, the joy just can’t be contained and these are the weddings that I live for. This next one with full extended family, I know these two will love.

I’m obsessed with the floral design they had at their indoor ceremony. The ceremony was moved inside because of the intense amount of rain we had received leading up to the big day. No one minded and the Barn at Gibbet Hill is an absolute beautiful backdrop for Plan B.

Maddy’s grandfather officiated the wedding ceremony inside the Barn at Gibbet Hill and did such a great job.

And then after these two headed out to the lawn for a few portraits, just the two of them, before heading in to enjoy cocktail hour. The food and drinks at Gibbet Hill are incredible.

I caught M’s grandparents holding hands during cocktail hour…and look at these two cuties expecting a baby…don’t forget to call me for your newborn pictures!

When momma of the bride slides me a Mai Tai during cocktail hour, I promise, I will not say no. That would just be rude, right?! 😉 It was so good and such a special treat. I don’t typically drink at weddings…but that rule can be broken when personally requested by bride, mother of bride or father of bride…or groom! I guess I’m not that picky.

The Barn at Gibbet Hill is just as beautiful on the inside as it has the outside.

Dancing, an incredible dinner, toasts, and laughter for the rest of the night and also an incredible dessert bar.

Maddy, I love your priorities, and that was hands down the largest piece of cake I’ve ever seen anyone cut for a cake cutting. Well done my friend.

Maddy and Jimmy danced with everyone and the girls certainly had fun with all of those princess layers in her gown. The day was perfect in all of the ways that mattered.

Mattie and Jimmy, congratulations, this is a day I personally will never forget. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it.


Maddy & Jimmy’s wedding vendor team

OFFICIANT: Maddy’s Papa, Ed Flaherty

WEDDING VENUE: The Barn at Gibbet Hill

GETTING READY: Bridal Suite at The Barn at Gibbet Hill

RECEPTION COORDINATOR: Bree Oates, Webber Restaurant Group and Stefani Schott, Gibbet Farm

CATERER: Webber Restaurant Group

DJ: Scott Arrington at Murray Hill Talent

FLORIST: Shannon Guthrie at A Whole Bunch Flower Market

WEDDING GOWN: Stella York at Elizabeth Ann’s Bridal

HAIR + MAKEUP: Kimberly Campbell at  Wink Beauty


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