August 21, 2016

Nicola & Hung’s Royal Sonesta Wedding

There’s a slice of contemporary wedding day paradise that sits alongside the Charles River, and that would be the Royal Sonesta. Just outside of Boston, Royal Sonesta offers some of the best views of the city, plus a phenomenal events manager, beautiful guest rooms, excellent food and a stately ballroom. And this is where the story of Hung & Nicola’s ridiculously fun wedding day begins and ends.


So I’m going to just put it out there. We work with some of the nicest, most laid-back couples who generally just want to have a great time with their favorite people on the day they marry their best friend. And so we’ve photographed some seriously fun weddings in our days. 

But this wedding. There will never be another like it. Nicola & Hung, you win. Your people are insanely fun, the two of you are insanely fun, and the day you put together took it off the charts. I mean, dance party to open a bottle of champagne. Dance party while makeup is applied. Dance party for a bridal party shot. And here our day is off to a good start…

As wild as this day will get to be (you’ll see), the two of them didn’t take it lightly. The emotions came out during their card exchange.

Nicola’s dad arrived in style, and waited patiently outside for a glimpse of his beautiful daughter. Thank you to our talented second shooter Natasha, for capturing these so that Ben and his assistant Amy could focus on capturing the motion of the day in video.

Nicola & Hung were married at the historic Old South Church in Boston’s Copley Square, directly across from the Boston Public Library.

Officially married, the party was on. Wifi boombox, microphone, and multiple bottles of champagne.

The party continued through the Royal Sonesta and to the banks of the Charles. And then stuff got heated. The guy v. girl dance party.

Behind the scenes!

No bouquet, no problem! We’ve got champagne, right Brendan?! Best bridesman EVER.

And then the party continued inside and Nicola & Hung stayed with us for a bit more, just the two of them. Look, Ben is shooting video! Oh my goodness, it would have been a tragedy to not capture this wedding on video. We’ve got it! I can’t wait to share.

Inside, the ballroom was dripping in crystal and ivy courtesy of the incredible Mark Hall Designs.

Nightshift Entertainment’s SOHO band rocked the party right out of the gate.

While their friends and family enjoyed dinner around them, Nicola and Hung enjoyed a sweet moment on the dancefloor. They every second of their wedding day count, and I loved that.

Four solid speeches, including the most incredible video of Nicola that ever existed. And then the dance floor opened. Out came glow in the dark foam sticks with their #hunguponnicola hashtag…there was even rumors of a TRex making an appearance?

Nicola & Hung, can we please all do this every July 30??? So much love to you both!!!

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