June 1, 2020

Photography & videography without discrimination for people in love

If love is in your heart, Ben and I welcome you.

We celebrate connection, relationships, joy & journey for all people in love, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or social status. We’re proud to offer photography & videography services without discrimination.

The Ewings are an all-inclusive photography studio, and welcome people in love from all races, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicity and social status.

I’m Erica Ewing, founder, photographer & co-owner of The Ewings Photography Studio. Our studio is built on love, and we capture weddings and portraits for kindhearted couples and families in love. Our world is in a dark place right now, I wanted to share thoughts on my heart right now. I believe so much of our life is created by our thoughts. Where focus goes, energy flows. #choosehappiness right? 

But what about those who don’t always get the choice?

What about mothers who worry their sons aren’t safe because of the color of their skin? She/he/they who are afraid to tell their parents who they love, knowing they won’t be accepted? Children without a home or even a meal? What about all of the victims of acts of unkind beyond what I can even fathom?

It’s hard to watch the injustice happening in our country & around the world right now. And its easy to feel like there’s nothing we can do to change it. 

Today kicks off #LGBTQ pride month, and instead of celebrating #loveislove, we’re watching cities burn across the country over racism & police brutality. For all the progressive forward-movement we’ve made, it is not enough. 

I want our children to know that life is about love & kindness and that our brothers in blue are here to protect us. I want them to believe that at the core – life is beautiful, people are kind, and the world is safe & good. But how can we get to this place?

Last night, we turned on coverage of the protest-turned-riot in Boston & talked openly with our boys. “Why would people not like someone because they’re black?” “Why would a police officer kneel on someone’s neck?” “Why wouldn’t he stop when George cried ‘I can’t breathe!’ over and over?” “Why did none of the other officers do anything?!” We answered their questions as best as we knew how.

Moving forward, we’re still going to #choosehappiness but also #chooseawareness & be really clear on where we stand.

I’m updating our website to CLEARLY reflect that we are here for EVERYONE in love regardless of race, religion, sexuality, ethnicity. If you have love in your heart, there is a place for you here. We stand for love. We don’t stand with hate. 

This sweatshirt from the lovely, talented EAH Events means even more to me at this moment.

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